Detriot Spectators

Hey anyone know how I can spectate Detroit Champs if my team didn’t qualify? Do I have to sign up before hand?

Works either way two options

A) Sign up beforehand: which gets you in the quicker line to get your id badge.

B) Stand in the slightly longer line next to line for A) to get to one of the computers that are sitting on the desk to fill out the form to print the badges.

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Have you looked here?

Scroll down a little bit to Even Guide, click on that, see what you can find.

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Volunteer is the best way


I’m a restricted from the pits as a spectator?

Nope, everyone is allowed in the pits.

Basically it’s like a normal event on steroids. Like major steroids. But all of the event rules are still in place. So you can expect the event itself to basically run like any other.

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Sure you can visit pits, click pix, watch matches from bleachers. If you can volunteer, you get volunteer shirt, watch matches near field, have access to dining and rest area, more importantly you will enjoy the event from a different perspective.

There are three ways you can spectate;
2.Sign up as @KelleyCook mentions
3.Watch from home, which could be a disadvantage for you hence you wanting to go so let’s skip that.
In the end as @Niki mentions,

Yes, try volunteering, you will get a whole different perspective even if you’re just placing flags or resetting the match (Which looks quite fun) If not, you can always access anything except the field area for spectating

I can say I have fun field resetting. Sure, you get bossed around (get me the white tape to fix the hatch loading station) but you can either have friends from your team on the field with you cracking jokes or networking with other people on teams. I have a friend now from 1305 (their Drive Coach) by him doing Field Reset at Durham College which got introduced to me at North Bay (I was Team Queuing in the pits at Durham).

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