Detriot Vs Houston

After seeing day two of Houston with incredible showing from Newton field with 1323 and 2910 in their practice match hitting an insane 35+ cycle match with two bots and a double climb. Then over on Carver we have 1678 ave 4 Rp and doing a great two rocket match with 118 . And on Turing you have 4613 leading the field ave 3.75 Rp with teams like 3310 and 254 right on their tail. With these great teams proving to the world what the actual limits of cycles in a match are and what a maxed out field looks like. The question I have is will we see this level of play at Detroit ? While 1323 and 2910 in my opinion are one of a kind and are a my fav for the winners of worlds does Detroit have the power that the west coast and Texas has? If so do you think the overall game play will be similar and if not how will strategy be effected?? At Houston will we see more counter defense so that cycle bots aren’t being limited or will we see 3 bots going on the offenses to try and combat high scoring pairs like 1323 and 2910. With that does the caliber of the teams coming out of ONT and FIM aka 1114, 2056, 1241, 5406, 2767, 3683, 27 ,33 ,4362, 3604, 217 etc and all the other big team like 195, 225, 125 etc mean an overall more equal playing field because they may not be hitting 18 cycles without defense like some of the west coast teams are so will the standard 2 Offenses 1 defense bot continue to reign as the more popular way to go or could we be looking at for the first time defense could actual limit a team and cause them to lose?


I suspect something similar to last year. Houston’s powerhouses will be better but Detroit will have a much deeper field.


I’ve been doing a lot of analysis of Houston vs Detroit in preparation for my own trip to Detroit. Houston has powerhouses, but they also have 51 wait list teams vs Detroit’s 17. As well as more teams qualifying through districts for Detroit which means that teams who deserve to make it had a higher shot of making it than just “win a competition” I think overall the level of competition is going to be similar, but there’s going to be less of a gap between the powerhouses and everyone else at Detroit as there is Houston. We won’t know until we see it for ourselves though


I feel in general we will see more defense being played at Detroit, so the qualification ranking score may not be as high. Houston is more top-heavy as we all agree, but also not to discount Detroit top teams can hit 16-18 cycles in a match as well.


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