Detroit Champs Badges

What do the badges look like from Detroit champs? Does anyone have a picture of last years? Whats the difference between the spectator and the team badges?

I’ve got mine around here somewhere, but what for? I’m also not sure what the difference between the spectator and team badges are.

They look the same as the St. Louis or Houston lanyards?

Yes, the bottom is a different color depending on role, yellow for volunteers, blue for teams, pink was Ford field access

I couldn’t find a picture on google anywhere and wanted to see one. I also wanted to see how the bottom is actually labelled for spectator vs a team. I haven’t been so I can’t just look at last years or something

Here are some of mine from past years:

If you are not affiliated with a team and are not a volunteer it simply does not have the colored bar at the bottom at all.

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dat black-bar pass :slight_smile:

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There was no difference last year in Detroit between spectator and team badges. I just threw mine out or I would post a picture.

One other thing to note is that adults have their last names listed, students do not. And if you give someone a nickname, it replaces the first name.

So, if for instance, you give your students nicknames as a joke, and you call your drive coach “T-Bone,” that will be the only name on the badge, and he will hate that other drive teams call him that when discussing strategy.


How do I get my team’s nickname for me on my badge at Detroit?

They all call me Chief, and I’d love for them to all realize my badge says it too.

I’m not clear on the exact details (because I’m not the one that does it), but whoever is registering your team members for the event and putting in names for badges, they’d need to put it then. Definitely needs to be done before showing up to get your badge.

Awesome thanks, exactly what i wanted to see

There is a nickname slot when whoever does the registering, registers you, Chief :wink:

@GregBilletdeaux I’ve since contacted 6574’s administrator and, turns out, they had already done it…I don’t think I was supposed to know…

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