Detroit Conference Presentation - Applying Industrial Engineering Principles to FIRST

I’m going to be giving my first championship conference presentation this year on something near and dear to my heart–applying Industrial Engineering principles to the FIRST Robotics Competition. Come check it out in Detroit on Thursday 4/24 at 9:30AM in Cobo 251A if you’re interested!

Here is the abstract:

Industrial Engineering can bring your team to optimum efficiency. This presentation covers applying principles of Industrial Engineering (IE) to FIRST programs, including managing team productivity, continuous process improvement, and best practices for maximizing both the student experience and your team’s competition success.

IE principles covered (with example applications) include:

  • Standardization
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design of Experiments
  • Six Sigma
  • Operations Management

Will this be recorded and available online?

I’m going to make sure at the very least that I mic myself and record the audio.


Ben is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in all of FRC. Definitely worth going to this if you can make it!

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Dang, so sorry I am going to miss this one. Yes, if there’s a recording that would be excellent.

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Hi Ben - I enjoyed your conference very much, and interested to cascade to a number of teams in Detroit. Have the materials been posted somewhere? (slides, video). Thanks!

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Thanks! I haven’t taken the time to match the audio to the slides yet, but I’ve attached the slides here:

Industrial Engineering and FIRST.pdf (2.5 MB)


Fantastic, thanks Ben

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Count me as another satisfied customer of your presentation in Detroit.

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