Detroit District 2011


With the pits opening in a few days, who is excited to see one of the most exciting events in FIRST?

I know the FEDS are hoping to take home some hardware this weekend :slight_smile:



I’m planning on stopping in on Friday afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing 217’s robot in person as well as seeing what 469 came up with this year. I also can’t wait to hang out with friends from 201, 1, 503, and 3175. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some new friends as well. If anybody sees me, say hi. See you guys there!



I am extremly excited for tomorrow!



Anyone know if there is a webcast of the event anywhere?




It is suppose to be here:

But it looks like they have been having technical difficulties.




Are there any other webcasts of it? This one keeps going off air



Unfortunately it looks as if that is the only stream. It was also the only one announced at the event.

What our team has been doing is taking video of our team in each match and uploading them to our team’s




I would like to congratulate teams 245, 469 and 2832 on a job well done. The first finals match made me very nervous and I know the outcome would have been very different if your alliance was 100%. Also congratulations to the Juggies on a well deserved Chairmans award. It about time you guys get the ‘Big One’.

245 - excellent machine, excellent team, and excellent performance, Qual # 10 and QF 3.3 is proof of that. Great job and I can’t wait to see you at the Championship.

2832 - The defense that you played was a game changer. We would see a tube only to have it quickly eclipsed by blue bumpers reading 2832. Effective defense would be an understatement.

469 - Another awesome and impressive machine. These posts about you are getting old. Could you please build a mediocre machine one year so I can use some new words to describe you guys. Xerox creativity award, well deserved again. Where do you guys come up with these ideas? Creative is an understatement.

On a side note, I think it is important for other teams out there to be aware of the level of sportsmanship an GP that team 469 operates at. After their robot was inspected on Thursday, a team had pointed out that their mini-bot deployment could be ruled as contributing to the upward momentum of the minibot. This deployment was very effective and the minibot was fast. The team agreed that it needed to be changed and quickly, without any hesitation, made the decision to remove it. They operated without a minibot for most if not all of Friday. They eventually got the new deployment in place. I applaud them for making a difficult decision so easily.

Thank you to team 51 and 3096. You guys were awesome.

3096 - You guys are a rising star. Cooperative and effective. You guys performed above my expectations and we could not have done this with out you.

51 - What can I say?.. Oh I know. AMAZING!!! Fast, and efficient an unstoppable force who I hope we never have to face in the elims. Your performance on the field is mirrored behind the glass and behind the scenes. Chris and Ken, your insight and strategies were the pinnacle of our success.

One last person I must thank is my brother, Paul Copioli. Your dedication to this team goes without question. The time and money you have put into this team flying back and forth to Texas is worthy of a place on our team shirts and robot. But I know that is not why you do this. Your strategies are brilliant and are the key to the success of team 217 on the field. Thank you…Dork.



I want to thank team 217 for not losing faith in us after we had our (mostly self-inflicted) mini-meltdown on Saturday morning. Thankfully disaster was averted in plenty of time. You guys are (obviously) one of the best teams in FIRST, and for good reason.

Mike and Paul: as always, it was great seeing you guys again and even better working with you. The eliminations were fast and furious at times, and the strategy discussions were top notch.

3096: I’m so glad we got to pick you. Mark Kramarczyk and Tito Huffman are two of the best mentors in all of FIRST. It makes me beyond happy to see you and your students get a little reward for all of the effort.

245 and 2832: Mike said it best, so I’m not even going to repeat it.

469 deserves some extra special recognition. I’ve said it before: I’m a HUGE fan of this team and this competition gave more proof as to why. Last year there were TONS of 469 detractors saying they were lawyering the rules and on the verge of cheating, etc. I defended them constantly as being a team beyond reproach.

At this competition there was some question if their minibot deploy might not be legal. When the concern was brought to their team they were completely caught off guard because didn’t even realize it. They were a bit crushed, but they immediately removed it from their robot and played all but their last qualifying match without using a minibot. This put their entire weekend at risk, but they did what they thought they had to do because this team has a very high level of integrity. Even though I knew we may have to face them in the eliminations, I was extremely happy to see their new deployment system send the minibot up the pole for the first time. 469: I love you guys. Seriously.

Lastly, I want to say how proud I am of our drivers and all of our students. You guys did such a great job this weekend. Jorge and Daveonna were great under the pressure, and Malik is one of the best human players in the game. Ben, my controls/programming student is absolutely fantastic - he’s only a freshman but he’ll be a great engineer one day. All of you engineers should be on the lookout for him once he starts looking for internships.



I only got this far before I had to stop reading. The text is blurring. Maybe I shouldn’t have read Mike’s post before this one and Paul’s in another thread. Gosh, you teams in Michigan are something. I’ll have to come back and finish reading this post later when the text decides to become clear again.:slight_smile:




I want the thank 217 & 51 for the invitation to join your alliance. The opportunity to show our students that hard work and continuous improvement will be noticed was priceless for our team.

Paul, Mike, Ken, and Chris, thanks for the kind words, patience, and support to get our autonomous where it needed to be.

Thanks to 217 for the loaner minibot. I’d like to also thank Ed and John from 217 for working with us on minibot deployment. It is always frustrating when a field problem can’t be duplicated in the pit, but everyone just kept going until we got it deploying successfully.

469, 245 & 2832… Looking across the field at you guys scared the crap out of me. You are awesome individually and even better together. Those finals matches were incredible to watch.



Amen to that. Mark and Tito are amazing. It’s also so exciting and wonderful to hear how far 3096 has come over the past few years.



As a newly reengaged member of team 469, I see now what I have been missing over the years. The level of gracious professionalism showed by the teams this past weekend was amazing. It would of been easy for teams to notice our fault and wait to point it out when it worked to their advantage, but that’s not FIRST culture. Thanks so much for such an exciting tournament and for reaffirming what I have been missing with FIRST over the years, the energy and excitement this past weekend was amazing. Everybody was cheering for everybody, and it gave all the new members of Team 469 a glimpse as to why FIRST is so magical.

Special thanks to 217 for lending us their spare deployment system to try and fasten to our robot. While ultimately we ended up not using it, we would have been lost without you guys!