Detroit Einstein Alliances/Results Predictions

Based off thisthread

Here are the rules that C4 made in the other thread, and they will also be the rules for this thread:

For each division, pick the 2 robots (captain and first pick) that will be on the finalist alliance and winning alliance.

Then, pick the W/L records of each alliance in the round robin playoffs and the two alliances that advance to the finals. Finally, pick the winner of the two and how many matches it takes for the winner to be declared.

I decided to exclude my division entirely from my prediction as I believe I would have too much bias :slight_smile: Normally you will have 6 divisions and 5 matches for each team in the round robin.

Here’s mine:

Archimedes: 67/1325 defeats 870/1114
Curie: 195/3707 defeats 230/5460
Daly: 2767/1305 defeats 610/3683
Darwin: 2791/2337 defeats 125/2481
Tesla: 2590/319 defeats 2056/1241


1 Curie 3/1/0 (loss to Archimedes)
2 Daly 3/1/0 (loss to Curie)
3 Tesla 2/2/0 (loss to Curie and Daly)
4 Darwin 1/3/0 (loss to all but Archimedes)
5 Archimedes 1/3/0 (loss to all but Curie)

Finals: ____ defeats ____ in 3 matches


RIP Carson 2018

Imma go bold for Curie:

1747/195 defeats 2052/1741 in 3

here is Carson winning alliance captain team…


No comprendo? Your link goes to this thread.

He said that he wouldn’t do Carson due to too much bias involved (since 1640 is in that division).

Archimedes: 4003-1114 defeats 67-1325
Carson: 3357-133 defeats 217-225
Curie: 3707-1747 defeats 195-230
Daly: 33-1796 defeats 2767-1305
Darwin: 2791-5406 defeats 2337-2451
Tesla: 2056-319 defeats 340-5172


1 Tesla 3/2/0 (loss to Archimedes/Darwin)
2 Darwin 3/2/0 (loss to Carson/Daly)
3 Daly 3/2/0 (loss to Tesla/Carson)
4 Carson 3/2/0 (loss to Tesla/Archimedes)
5 Archimedes 3/2/0 (loss to Darwin/Daly)
6 Curie 0/5/0 (loss to all)

The top 4 alliances are all tied on climb points, and Tesla/Darwin move on due to the autonomous advantage from 2056 and 5406, respectively.

Finals: Tesla defeats Darwin in 3 matches and 2056 finally gets their long-overdue first world championship.

I contend that no prediction for Curie can be considered bold if you have 195 winning it. Your finalist alliance sure is interesting though… I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it happened though!

Here are my probably bogus predictions for Curie. I probably missed a bunch of fantastic teams in Curie so if you’re not on the list, and you obviously should be, it probably just means I need to do some more scouting!

195	230	1023	379	W
5460	1747	3538	558	SF
3538	316	167	4607	F
3707	4976	910	5205	SF
3314	333	1684	5813	QF
2052	503	20	2054	QF
1718	2826	70	7021	QF
1025	302	5687	2175	QF

How in the world can I manage to,be on an FRC team with this little brainpower XD

Division Predictions

Archimedes: 67-1756 defeats 4003-1325
Carson: 217-225 defeats 1918-2338
Curie: 195-230 defeats 3538-1747
Daly: 2767-1796 defeats 27-4539
Darwin: 125-2481 defeats 2791-5406
Tesla: 2590-5172 defeats 2056-319

Einstein Seeding

  1. Curie: 4-1 (Losses: Tesla)
  2. Tesla: 3-2 (Losses: Daly, Carson)
  3. Darwin: 3-2 (Losses: Curie, Tesla)
  4. Carson: 2-3 (Losses: Darwin, Curie, Archimedes)
  5. Archimedes: 2-3 (Losses: Tesla, Darwin, Curie)
  6. Daly: 1-4 (Losses: Tesla, Archimedes, Carson, Darwin)

Tesla ranks higher than Darwin due to parking/climbing score.


Curie wins in 3. 195 only loses twice throughout the entire tournament and both losses come on Einstein.

You have 3538 listed on here twice.

They’re just that good.

There is no way, IMO, that the bees will have any chance at beating stryke force. Bees aren’t at that level this year.

Archimedes: 67/4003 over 1114/1325
Carson: 225/3357 over 217/25
Curie: 195/230 over 3538/3452
Daly: 2767/3683 over 33/1305
Darwin: 5406/2481 over 125/2451
Tesla: 2056/2590 over 1241/5172

Tesla 4-1 (loss to Curie)
Curie 4-1 (loss to Darwin)
Darwin 3-2 (loss to Tesla and Carson)
Daly 2-3 (loss to Curie, Tesla, and Darwin)
Carson 2-3 (loss to Curie, Tesla, and Daly)
Archimedes 0-5 (loss to all)

Tesla over Curie in 3

It is bold, I like it, but let’s add some realism here too (not to dock these teams. I’m discussing the feasibility of that winning alliance.)
Just from what I’ve seen-
1747 is too good to be on that alliance. I’m not saying they’re better than 195, but 1747’s auto does not compliment 195 to be honest. In addition to that, while they kill at scale, it also isn’t quite enough. Watching back through INF state finals, their placement ability isn’t as great when playing with other dominant scale bots- they can carry an alliance, but perhaps not play on one.

That’s not to spite them though- in fact, I think that’s probably what they’ve been working on. And if any team has shown an ability to improve this year, it’s them. What would help the most on that alliance would be 1747’s incredible versatility. Playing the early scale like a pro then snatching up cubes and harassing the opponent switch.

But if I’ll be completely honest, I don’t see an Indiana team playing in finals on that division unless it’s a second or third pick. (But I wanna be proven wrong because I believe in those teams!!! :wink: )

Stryke Force needs to fix their cross-field scale, and then I will agreee with you. At MSC they benefited from a huge % of same-side scale setups. I am sure they’ve focused on the far side auto these two weeks and will come in strong!

333 Autos can compliment 195:p
Just throwing that out there

Be sure to watch these guys.

They got a Shaker Mentor somewhere in there ::rtm::

I like that 2 switch auto! Do you guys have 3 cube switch? Then we can be 3 cube switch buddies! :slight_smile:

(Or you could join us in the exchange auto club :wink: )

And 1747 has been doing nothing for the past few weeks… hopefully the autos we had 7 weeks ago are enough :slight_smile:

We’re excited to compete this week