Detroit Einstein Announcer... Best ever?

This announcer is quite possibly the best I’ve ever heard. She is better than a significant number of professional broadcasters you’d hear on ESPN.

She has the best tempo/flow, enunciation, lack of filler material, and most informative announcing I’ve heard in a long time. One of the few times I feel like the announcer adds enough that you can almost follow what’s happening without seeing it.

Does anyone know who she is? If she does not have a background in professional sports broadcasting, she probably should.

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Kori is the best by far.

Kori is a mainstay at the IL events, and for good reason. Nice to see her get the call on the big stage.

+1 to this. Also the whole Einstien show has been great so far.

Kori Bowns is who you’re talking about! She is awesome!!! Works really hard at it too!

She’s a FRC alum, FRC mentor and volunteer. Her experience IS all FIRST I believe, FTC and FRC, so technically it IS professional sports background :wink:

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Mods can we delete this thread please, I’m pretty sure it’s a forum rule that only complaining is allowed.

I have to tip my hat to Jondarr (apologies if I misspelled) on the other Einstein field. I thought they were both great.

We had the pleasure to have Jondarr GA at NYTR this year and he’s a class act.

I’m gonna agree with this. She was announcing matches on Carson and it was amazing. Always keeping the crowd updated on which power ups had been played and even providing real time analysis on how drastically those power ups would affect the outcome of the match.

+1. Her commentary has been fantastic and has kept the matches super engaging. Definitely one of, if not THE model announcer for the rest of us to learn from.

I totally agree. I’d never seen/heard her before but by halfway through the match I was blown away by her announcing. One of the best(if not the best) announcer’s I have seen in FIRST.

She’s fantastic and it’s great to see her get a chance to show it on the big stage. At regionals and earlier in the year, she does a great job at not only saying what is happening but why, explaining the game and strategy in the process. I remember when it used to be a let down when Dan Green took his breaks at Illinois regionals.

I also liked Dan at the sports desk, too.

+1. Have never heard her until this event. Definitely my favourite match announcer now!

We’re CRAZY lucky to have Kori in Illinois. She’s not only an awesome game announcer, but is a member of the Midwest Regional Planning Committee, helps run FTC in Chicago, and mentors two FTC teams and an FRC team, to boot. She really is the embodiment of FIRST, and it’s awesome that she’s had the chance to announce on Einstein, highlight the achievements of all the competing teams, and knock it out of the park!

Go Kori! Representing Midwest well on the half world stage!

To echo what others have said she’s an amazing announcer for our Illinois events, best one in FIRST that I have personally heard imo.

I realized just how good she was a few years ago when I had a match going on my laptop and was in the other room. Just listening to her commentary I knew exactly what has happening on both alliances the whole time, she’s crazy good.

I have been game announcer (a rather lackluster one) at several events over the years, and I can assure you that it is not easy. We had the pleasure of having Kori announce on Carson much of the past few days. She is great for all the reasons others have stated.

On a similar note, I watched #FirstLiveNow on TheBlueAlliance all morning and Tom Bottiglieri and his partner did an absolutely awesome job. If we ever get FRC on TV you two should audition!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kori for a few years and she is absolutely amazing. She also helps with teams in the Chicago area and truly is an inspiration in FIRST. Was so happy to hear she was going to be the announcer and I knew she was absolutely going to wow everyone.

Here’s a pic of her and I on Ford field right after finals.

The announcers were great… if you could actually hear them. My one major complaint about the Detroit venue was that in both locations, Cobo and Ford Field, it was extremely difficult to hear what the announcers were saying. The audio techs needed to up the volume by like 50% or more. It didn’t seem to matter where you were sitting either.

There were a few interruptions from the audience during speeches at Einstein, I think partially because no one could hear what the speakers were saying so they got board and started coming up with other entertainment (in the form of a few surprisingly effective paper airplanes).

Kori was on Tesla several different times over the competition. She was amazing. Each team was mentioned. The status of the vault was mentioned as the game progressed. Continuous match information called out smoothly so anyone can follow.

I think she could make 6 dead robots sound like a good match.:wink:

Still trying to figure out what was on the tablet/pad that she carries/referenced while she was making the call.