Detroit Einstein Predictions

Just wondering…
If you could list out teams you expect to win their divisions (now that they’ve been released) who would it be?
Optional: Why?
This is just a speculation thread to examine public thoughts on who has the highest chances of winning. When a lot of people put their heads together, it’s easier to tell the spectrum of possible outcomes. (I’m especially curious to see everyone’s thoughts on how curie will play out. I have a hunch it may go like how Carver did.)

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I don’t want to bump my own post, but I’d like to at least put my own thoughts down for curteousy purposes.

Curie possibilities:
2056 & 1114
They’re the obvious team up that everyone kinda saw when the divisions were released, here are some of the things in my own opinion that they have going…
-strong, fluid cycling that always results in plenty of scored pieces, covering the rockets and cargo ship.
-interchangeable climbing that is consistently fast.
-near perfection of touch-it-own-it pickup, just like we saw in Houston Einstein.
-battle tested 2-panel-on-the-cargoship autonomous. This makes the alliance look similar to 254 & 3310’s sandstorm strategy.
-unless they prove otherwise, they cannot climb with each other in any “expected” way (meaning it doesn’t look like they can, but they still may be able to.)
-both teams have yet to see the toughest defense of their seasons, especially with powerhouses vying for dominance.
-tough to find a second seed that can share the HAB 3, which seems to be an important strategy for higher level play

1241 & 987
An alliance I didn’t consider until discussing with my buddies, both of these robots are impeccably fast on the field, similar to the abilities of the duo mentioned above.
They likely will encounter the same weaknesses, mostly due to sharing the HAB.
However a unique weakness to this alliance will be optimizing sandstorm points to be just as competitive in the early portion of the match.

I can add more to these once I get a chance to take a more in-depth look at every team in the mix. I want to make sure I don’t say anything that I can’t reasonably support with evidence, so this post is mostly my speculation.

Teams I want to discuss but want to research more:
195,5406,5460,2767 & more I can’t list off the top of my head


I don’t need know much about non-ne teams, but I could totally see 133 and 319 teaming up for Daly. They won Southern New Hampshire with that combo, and I can see them hoping to continue that streak. Two strong cycling bots: they could both focus a rocket and stay out of each others way while putting cargo in the cargoship to get around defense. They’d likely want either a defense bot or a cargoship focused bot to finish up their alliance; as the null panel meta dissolves it becomes more important to get those hatch points, and defense for obvious reasons. Cutie is definitely gonna be the division to see though.

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Also 1241 has only a hab level 2 climb, unless they took a huge swing and put something together after Ont DCMP. It’s not a death knell for them but may make them a second round pick.

Also know that 2056 and 1114 do not have a combo climb, it’d be really hard to accomplish with 1114’s cby. This could be a serious drawback that forces either to look at other options if there are suction club bots in their alliance.

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I am very curious to see what people think of 930, Mukwonago Bears. They seem under-researched by most people on CD. With the exception of Wave Robotics in 2015, to my knowledge, Wisconsin has not been a state putting forth exceptionally strong teams at the World’s stage. This year, however, I think 930 has flown under the radar. They have insanely good stats, an insanely good robot, and an insanely great team culture.

Personally, I think they’re more than capable of being on an Einstein alliance, but I’m more than biased. What do others think?


I may also be a little biased, but I’m glad to say I think your prediction was pretty accurate :wink:


I was super surprised by how many champs predictions did not have 930 on them.

Great work this weekend!!


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