Detroit FAST bus to airport

987 has to leave our Detroit hotel on the first FAST bus out of downtown to get to the airport on time on Champs Sunday ( I believe around 5:52 am). Does anybody know how many other teams would likely be trying to use the same bus? We will have about 35 people. Hate to have to UBER that many people but better than a charter bus that would cost about $1000.

Welcome to the Detroit Champs!

But I, for one, would not trust the SMART bus service to get you anywhere that you need to get absolutely on time. Especially with 35 kids as you suspect the buses are not really that big. No reservations and if its full, its an hour till the next one. The fact that it takes an hour for a ~20 mile ride is suspect.

Which Hotel are you at? I think the HOF teams were offered the Crowne Plaza Pontchartrain across the street (at least that what was offered to us).

Regardless, I’d call your hotel and ask to speak to the concierge and ask for the best way they know of to the airport in the morning.

Thanks for heads up. Not aware of any HOF getting set up for Crowne Plaza. I wish…
We signed up at the instant HOF could book rooms and were unable to get into Crowne Plaza. Wound up at Hilton Garden instead. Still totally unhappy with Experient:(

Detroit, with its moniker as “The Motor City”, is horrible for its public transportation system.

In Atlanta, you had the fabulous MARTA system.
In St. Louis, their light rail system could easily transport whole teams to the airport in under an hour.

In Detroit, you are faced with spending either a lot of money, or a lot of time to get from downtown to the airport.

Don’t know what the situation in Houston is, but I suspect that it is similar to Detroit.


Just order a bunch of UberXLs, don’t risk it with shuttles

Not at Detroit but our team is Super Shuttle-ing groups of our team to George Bush since we don’t wanna take a gamble taking public transportation back from Downtown Houston at as early of an hour as we need to be at the airport. I’d recommend that route though you may have to send kids in groups of less than 10 unless you make a group reservation :+1:

If I end up going I can take some people if necessary

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