Detroit FRC Schedule in Pit on Wednesday

So on Wednesday, unload to pit start at 10am and is limited to 4 students and 2 coaches.

Are we allowed to setup pit, un crate and un bag then go thru inspection throughout the day with the same crew or do we need to stay away from the pit until they open at 4pm and then get started? i guess i was not sure if this 4pm is for public and teams or just public.

Any clarifications would be appreciated.

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The schedule is listed as “6 team reps”. The load-in document clarifies this:

Six (6) Team Representatives are allowed per FIRST Robotics Competition Team

  • Two (2) Team Representative must be Adults
    – One (1) Adult must stay with the vehicle at all times
  • Four (4) Team Representatives may be students and or adults

Once in the venue, set up your pit, uncrate and unbag your robot (please note that there has NOT been any word on bag checks yet - you may need to have it signed off by an inspector before opening your bag!). You can then do any work you need to on your robot and get inspected with that smaller crew. At 4, the doors are wide open and the rest of your team can join you!

Whoa. I didn’t realize this was possible. last year I arrived at 4pm because I assumed load it was like our we do Load in FiM districts, you can drop off stuff but can’t work on pit or robot until pits open.

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