Detroit Housing Opportunity

Congratulations to any and all teams qualifying from a DCMP for Detroit today!

I wanted to share a great opportunity for housing for 1-36 people in Detroit at the Detroit Hostel, where my team was previously planning to stay. It located in a perfect spot, giving you the ability to walk or take public transit to and from Cobo.

Zach Fairchild, our contact, would love to host a team there for the championship. Reach out to him for more details.

(I’ll update this post with his account shortly)

Is this still available? If it is we would be very interested.

Thanks so much!!

I do not know, reach out to 313-451-0333 or for more details.

I hope it works out for you!

Thanks - they do have space still available and it sounds like a great deal. Turns out our reservations are non cancellable at this point but may help someone else out.

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