Detroit in Overdrive

Finney Robotics was fortunate this season to have much of our work captured by a crew from Discovery Studios as a part of a documentary on Detroit, “Detroit in Overdrive”. We have now learned that documentary will be premiering on Discovery’s Planet Green channel Thursday, August 4th at 8pm. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity and look forward to the broadcast. Finney Robotics student, Jacob Durrah, and the MEZ are featured during the 8:00pm hour in an episode titled, “Reinventing the Motor City”.

From the Planet Green Schedule:
*The first part of this series coined “Reinventing the Motor City,” will follow four Detroiters as they adapt to a changing city and bring fresh ideas to a stagnant atmosphere. The unique filming interweaves the stories to create an engaging and often insightful hour of entertainment. Follow the life of Joe Faris, a fashion designer making clothing in a retrofitted factory using car inspired elements.

Watch Native Kid Rock give back to his hometown by creating a new beer label and increasing employment. Listen to John Bradburn, an environmental engineer for GM, as he explains how he has grown closer with his family and shifted with the economy to adapt to the changing industry. Finally, learn about F.I.R.S.T Robotics, an afterschool program for high-school students to help increase their interest in robotics. One student, Jacob Durrah, has acquired a new interest in a subject he never thought he would.*
Check your local listings to find out the availability of the Planet Green channel

I’ll try to watch it, my team is from Windsor… right across the river. so i bet we should be able to see it :slight_smile: kinda ironic that they chose overdrive :stuck_out_tongue: (I mean for 2008’s game not because of its the motor city :slight_smile: )

I saw a commercial for this a few days ago and got really excited. I didn’t even know they would feature an FRC team so now I’m looking forward to watching it. Detroit is such a unique city with real American roots, I really want to see it make a comeback to the empire that it used to be.

I pitched “Detroit in Logomotion”, but the producer wasn’t feeling it.

I hope folks are watching this… it’s awesome.

Great coverage. Loved every minute of it and did a lot of cheering and hollering. Good stuff, Finney High and MEZ!


It airs again @ 11est if you missed it.

Just finished watching part 1 and I thought it was awesome. Congrats Mark on having your team highlighted in the miniseries!

Is it online at all?? I couldnt watch it, and i kinda want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not on-line to my knowledge. Perhaps after the intial airings.

It is on again 8/6 at 9am EST.

it just happenes that i will be in sudbery canada (8-9 hours from windsor/detroit) when it airs again… and i beleive that i will not be able to get the channel :stuck_out_tongue:

If anybody can find an online version that would be very nice (I couldn’t find one at all). It sound like a good show.