Detroit Load In - Security Badges?

I am trying to recall if you need the 5 team representatives for load in to have security badges. I would assume so. Does anyone know if they have to have them? If so where in the building do we pick them up?


Yes. The registration desk is in the middle of Cobo Center level 2. It will be big and have lots of signs, you can’t miss it. Registration will be open all morning.

Awesome. So while we are waiting in line for load in we will send a mentor to go and pick them up.

Thanks a bunch!

If my experience in 2015 at St. Louis is any indication, make sure you give that person plenty of time. That line gets loooooong. I think I stood there for about 2 hours. Maybe someone from a more recent Champs event can let us know if it’s gotten any quicker since then.

The first year we needed badges in St Louis was a nightmare, two hours was the norm. However FIRST did a good job fixing that. Last year they had plenty of people there ready to help and direct you to the correct spot. I walked right up with no waiting.

Will that mentor need any special Paper work?

Yes, I would bring your team roster and any release forms needed.

That paperwork is only needed for pit admin registration, not the Experient registration though, right?

You don’t need all team members, a mentor can go with roster and ID, not sure if it’s required. When you reach there walk in, counters will be open at 7:00am on Tuesday.

I just was looking through my emails. I think I will print this and bring it along. The Email was titled

2018 FIRST Championship Detroit - Thank You


What’s an ETA for getting the badges? Also, when will work be able to start on the robot in the pits at Detroit? I am hearing 11 some places, and 4 at others. Anyone able to clear this up?

Expect a blog post tomorrow for an official update

Although the other Frank has not lifted bag from Detroit yet… You are able to start work/inspection as soon as you uncrate/inbag your robot. 11AM per schedule. Practice matches start at 6pm so it pays to get your robot inspected early.

Can you reference where you are getting this information from? Everything I can read in the event guide says to set up your pit then leave until 4pm when the pits officially open.

Here’s the link I found:

Looks like you can drop off your pit and tools and 5 teams reps until 4pm, when everyone else can enter the pits! So, 5 team reps can stay to get the ball rolling on inspection, set up, and all of that jazz!

I’m still not seeing anything about unbagging prior to 4PM. Is there anything definative yet?

Are we waiting for Frank?

Where does it say that? That is true for most regular events but not worlds. The Championship A-Z guide really isn’t that clear, but lists the pit open time 11-4 restricted to 5 people for pit load in from 11-4. The pits opens for everybody at 4. In Detroit, inspection was open at the start of pit load in which has been the same for all recent championships no reason to think Detroit will be any different.

I have no insight on bags. Maybe the reason for the pits opening an hour earlier than Detroit is to allow for bag inspections.

Until/unless we get a blog post from Frank, assume you’ll need an inspector to unlock your bag. That’s standard procedure unless FIRST makes an exception for the event (like they did for Houston).

As for working on the robot… Your load-in crew can can get to work as soon as you get everything set up, uncrated, and unbagged. There are no listed restrictions on what the 5 team reps can do between 11 and 4. Additionally, every prior year I’ve been at champs (Including the past two as a division LRI), teams have been unbagging and working on their robots during that time.

As an LRI, I WANT teams to get in quickly, get their bags open, and get to work. The sooner they can get robots back together (from any disassembly required to fit in the crates) and improvements made, the sooner they can get inspected. And the sooner teams are inspected, the easier my job is. So PLEASE, plan on fully utilizing that time. I know my team is - we selected our load-in crew specifically to ensure we have everyone we need to get the robot up and running and through inspection.

The reason behind the limit to 5 team reps is space and safety. With all of those crates, things get very crowded. Hopefully by 4PM many of the crates will have been moved to storage, making it much easier and safer for the crowds of students to flood in. I believe last year they even bumped it up early and let everyone in starting at 3.

Anyone know when the “registration desk” will open to pick up badges? (We’ve never been) Can one person pick up everyone’s badge?(the ones we uploaded) Can we leave some at the front if we don’t see them before we’re in the venue?


Wednesday, April 25 6:00am - 8:00pm

One person can pick up as many as they need and can choose which ones not to print yet so they can be picked up later.