Detroit Regional

wow, what a day filled with robots… Theres a lot of defensive bots and there are some good scoring teams as well…33 was looking good with there amazing arm, las gorillas got everything up and together and now there capping, chief delphi was scoring like no other. This is going to be a sweet regional i think, there are so many defensive bots i can see some low scoring matches, how does everyone else feel about it?

I feel happy that my team started to cap, since i wasnt able to be there cause of work. I’ll be there tomorrow yaaaaaa:D :smiley:

oh yes i almost forgot a couple teams…314 yes, they are capping good as well plus they have an atonomous that is so close it scares me. And the thunder chickens got their arm back up and their strong as expected

wow that makes me happy to, my high school team is doing good, go teams that i am rooting for, LOL:D

Did 469 change from their original end effector? No offense to one of the greatest teams in FIRST but I am surprised if they are scoring with their original design.

Yes they did indeed change thier gripper.

Watch out for Team 1941 - Frederick Douglass Hurricanes. At GLR, they were playing some sick defense and they have nice ramps.

Good luck Hurricanes!

-see you on Saturday!:smiley:

We did climb them once, but they were on the opposing side, but hey who cares it just practice. I think tomorrow will be great, today was fun but the real stuff starts tomorrow.:slight_smile:

YAAAAAAAAAA, I get to be there for the real stuff:D :smiley:

The gripper changed. The main problem with the other one was that we had to tilt it to get to the floor, and that the opening was too small, making it hard to center on the ringers.
The new one is simpler, lighter and way more efficient (apparently).
No risk of offending us with your comment. We are always our own fiercest critics anyways and many of us wanted a new gripper from day 1 of GLR.


Edit: let’s not forget 703 with their huge carbon fiber ramp, or 374 (or is it 394? 397? sorry, i forgot) with their very efficient gripper.

Great Job 247, all of us at 1251 were rooting for you. Great to see a 3rd title under your belt, 2 this year. Good luck at nats, we’ll see you there!

I second that!!!

Wow 123 and 247 hook up again for the win. Congrats on your 2nd straight regional Championship.

Just got home, wow 247 you guys have the best defensive robot I have seen this year. Your speed and power make you guys really really good, couple that with 123 being able to hang a few and 903 also able to provide some strong defense, you are one of the best alliances I have seen this season.

Congratulations 247! 2nd regional win this year! You guys have an amazing robot and great strategy - that works! Looking forward to seeing you again at Nationals!


what does this robot look like! sounds like a very powerful drivetrain.


They are a straight ramp, no hanging tubes. They have a 6WD I believe and have very smart and skilled drivers running it. The speed and power their robot has is incredible. Their ramp system is one robot drives up, the other then gets on the ramp and they lift their ramp to support that team. They are very good and need to be seen to be believed.

Just want to throw out a thanks to 469 for picking us. Oh yeah and thanks for the shirt alex (im wearing it right now haha):smiley: . Thanks 1502 you guys played some good defense. We gave it are all and we put up a fight. Will see you guys in west michigan.

I would like to congratulate team 903, who worked hard all weekend. It was great that you stuck with it after not getting selected at Great Lakes. Good luck if you go to Atlanta!