Detroit Schedule on Spreadsheet and Workshop Sign-up Form

I made a schedule for our team that includes all the conference choices with links to the descriptions. You can make a copy and then edit to your team’s details (match number/times, lunch, etc).

I also made a poll so that team members can select which conferences they want and Google puts the results into a spreadsheet. The link to the schedule is the one our team is using. Make sure you change this address to your team’s, if not using our schedule.

FRC 1720 - The PhyXTGears


Thanks so much for providing this resource. Look forward to seeing your team in DET.

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Please ensure that you make your own copy of the spreadsheet and/or the poll. Someone shared the master copy of the poll with their students and they are responding on it. :slight_smile:

Click the 3 dots that are in the upper right hand corner --> “Make a Copy” to duplicate the poll.

Click “File” --> “Make a Copy” for duplicating the Spreadsheet.

What an awesome resource! Thank you!

I think there is a way to share it “view only” if you continue to have problems with people editing it!

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I didn’t share the one that my team is actually viewing/using since I didn’t want to take the chance of accidental editing or responding. :slight_smile:

The ones I shared on Chief Delphi are the public copies. I want to ensure that the public copy remains good for everyone else.

To view the results of the poll in a spreadsheet, click on “responses”. There is a green square that has a white cross in it. Clicking on that green square will allow you to have a spreadsheet with all your team members choices displayed.

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