Detroit Schedule Welcome Party

I’m looking through the week schedule and trying to get a feel for when we will need our bus driver. What is the FIRST Championship Welcome Party? Is this an exclusive event or for everyone?

Appears to an open event for everyone.

From the FIRST Championship website:

Thursday, April 26, 2018, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The FIRST Championship Detroit Welcome Party is a festival environment with fun for all ages. Featuring musical acts and activities throughout, don’t miss this Championship kick off experience! The Welcome Party is located at Ford Field, just a short distance from the Cobo Center.

At the party:
•Musical Acts
•Digital Graffiti Walls
•Giant Lite Brite
•Giant Board and Family Games
•Photo Booths
•Balloon Artists
•Face Painting
•Silent Disco

FYI, I was curious about our dinner plans and asked FIRST about the food situation at the welcome party. Their response:

Regarding your inquiry, there will be concessions available during the Welcome Party at Ford Field in Detroit. Please visit our FIRST Championship website as we will be updating it in the coming weeks with additional information about the event.

In regards to the bus situation OP is asking about, I have a question for those more familiar with the area. Should we plan on our bus driver picking us up from Cobo and taking us to Ford Field? Or is it a reasonable walk?

Seems information is split between multiple locations I have not found the info you have. I’m looking at the Detroit schedule Would be nice if the list had links to extended information. Where is this info found?

I would guess it will be very similar to the Welcome Party held at Houston last year, which was in a park. They had a lot of different activities for everyone, identical to what was listed in a previous post. It was really just (students) having fun and (mentors) relaxing for a few hours. I know at Houston that my team was ready to leave by 8pm.

re: food. At Houston they had food trucks available, but since this is at Ford Field I would guess they will have the concessions booths open. I wouldn’t count on other food vendors being open because they may only open for football games. I would say that this means you should also count on long lines.

Cobo to Ford Field does not seem walkable to me, but FIRST has posted discounted People Mover tickets that will at least get you closer, but not all the way to, Ford Field from Cobo.

(disclaimer: this is just from personal experience in HOU and reading up on the Detroit championship, which I will be attending)

Here’s the best page to check for info on the welcome party and other events:

Ford Field is 1.5 miles away and if the weather is good it will take about 30-40 minutes to walk. The people mover is not really an option for this. You will want to be picked up at Ford Field though at the end of the night.

I found the information by scrolling down and clicking item 4 (Welcome Party) at this link: