Detroit Teams

Hello to a Detroit team that one of my teacher colleagues met last week.

Which Detroit team was demo’ing their robot at a “heritage festival” last week. Perhaps in the town near Henry Ford and Firestone family hometowns???

One of my fellow science teachers saw you, and talked to you.She was very impressed!

She also said you had the “blinky lites” going! We took those to St. Louis last year and to Nationals also. Way to go!

We sell them at football games.

I wanted to tell you that your enthusiasm and gractious behavior made an impression on this teacher.

Good job!

I would love to hear from you. She couldn’t remember your number.

Best Regards,
Tonya Scott
Team 476
Ponca City High School:yikes:

Could it be Team 470, out of Ypsilanti, Mi?

They were at a haritage festival selling blinky lights last weekend. They were in a town called Ypsilanti, which is just southeast-ish of Ann Arbor, Mi. Both of which are slightly west of Detroit.

And if your teacher was there sunday, then they would have also seen robots and teams from 66, 240, and 815, and two guys from 862 catching some sun.

And if it was 470, then yes… they are a very great team - good attitudes, fun to be around, and helpful. (I should point out that they helped out out team when we got started.)

I think she said that she thought it was 815.

Great—sounds like a great group of robotics teams and they were having fun.

We just finished our last car wash—we just about fried in the sun.


If you talk to them—tell them they did a great job of influencing a teacher from Oklahoma.


Yes, 470 & 66 were hosting the event in Ypsilanti. We were selling the blinkies. Thank you for all your kind words.