Development of FIRST Director/Teacher/Leader at School District

I am working on a proposal to my school district to create a FIRST coordinator for all age groups. My primary job is a high school math teacher and FRC coach. There is not currently a job description for robotics coach in my district. I would like to develop one and maybe create a description for a coordinator as well.

Does anyone have a job description they could share or a list of duties that would be helpful in my proposals? Thank you!


Here’s one from a while back. There was one just recently here that I can’t seem to find…

Anyway. Probably the best way is to start with something brief, that ties the role back to broader goals your school/community has. STEM outreach, expanding certain academic programs, raising certain metrics… language the school board speaks and can get on board with.

Craft wording that ties the specific job duties back to these. Consider as well whether FIRST should be used explicitly (IE, if there’s already community buy-in that FIRST is the solution) or “all robotics programs” need to be considered.

Concrete deliverables for the year might include when the team meets, when it competes, what it builds, what offseason training looks like, what general skillsets it will equip students with, how it fits in with other coursework… It should probably also include details about what it takes to administer a team in your school. This will vary, but I’d assume it should touch on budget, student “HR” issues, team lead succession planning, etc.

Reach out to other local teams and event organizers too. See what services they are already providing (or think they provide) and be sure your proposal fits in well to cover the gaps (and doesn’t overlap with something existing).


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