Devices that go to the home zones

I was wondering aftr VCU:is there going to be no DQs for entaglement in the devices that go to the endzone?

There were DQs at VCU, just that they were based on what actually happened and not on what could have happened…

VCU definitely showed me my fears about the entanglement rules for this year. I saw teams dq’d for entangling, potentially entangling, getting under the goal, getting the goal pushed onto them… all sorts of things. As i understand it from our stage team, the judges were split on calling penalties for the potential for entanglement or for waiting for the possibility for damage (ie, actual entanglement)

Additionally, refs there were watching teams and stopping them from spinning their wheels and trying to find traction… all sorts of goofy things in my opinion.

More Dq’s than I’ve seen in a couple of years of competition that’s for sure.