devil duckies....

what is the email address?

does anyone know?

nevermind i lost it darn

Their team number is 1266. Registration is at least for San Diego Regional. Their website would be linked to from the event listing, and presumably would have their contact.

Or, you could do an advanced search in the CD members section by team number.

Team 1538 - The Holy Cows are very close with the Devil Duckies. We practice with them and run events together.

PM me and I’ll forward any message you have their way.

A quick look-up finds some misinformation above…

The Team 1126 referenced above is Team Sparx ( from New York.

The actual Devil Duckies team is #1266 (see more information here). The team website linked is down, but the site for San Diego Robotics (, a coalition of all of the San Diego area teams, is still active. There is contact information for area folks on that page that may be able to give you the new Devil Duckies address, or try the person who posted above as well.

My duckie - Diego - was given to me about a year and a half ago, and proudly resides on my desk. :slight_smile:

Oops! I forgot to check my numbers again! (I should have remembered…they had one of the few “slider” robots during 2004, their rookie year, and 330 had the other local one.)

well, does anyone know how many FIRST teams were founded in 1989?

I believe that would be 0. My understanding is that FIRST started in 1992.


The FIRST program (meaning the concept, the planning, etc.) began in 1989 with efforts by Dean Kamen. The organization has been around that long, but the actual competition aspect of the organization - including the formation of teams - did not start until the 1992 season.