Dewalt gearbox CAD file

Does anyone have a decent (and accurate) CAD file for the Dewalt gearboxes?

I searched and all links are broken/not detailed.

I need to design a new output shaft and a custom input shaft and would prefer to get the design done before we buy the gearboxes.

I would love an accurate cad file of the dewalt as well. Major props for anyone that has one they would be willing to share.

AFAIK, no one has every publicly released a model.

1742 Had them posted once upon a time… sigh

I’m posting the ones I downloaded back then on the premise that the original author would still want them available… that whole GP within the FIRST community thing. If anyone thinks otherwise I’ll gladly pull them back. (2.43 MB) (2.43 MB)

Thank you. Do you know how accurate the mounting holes are? AKA could I use them to machine parts from.

The model from team 1742 is in fact available at their website, though it takes a little digging to get to it. The download page can be found at

I will try to get the website admin to make it easier to find. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the question regarding the accuracy of the model. Well, I’m usually reasonably precise on critical dimensions like holes and whatnot, but the best way to make sure you’ve got the right dimensions is to check out the whitepaper on how to make them. We made all of our components straight from the white paper. The model should be pretty close, I used the model of the mounting plates to manufacture the real ones we put on the robot, and everything worked really well.