DeWalt Transmissions - XRP Drill source !!

For those of you not familiar with the tremendous benefits of using the DeWalt XRP Drill transmission on a FIRST Robot you might want to take a look at this thread and the fantastic and very detailed white paper prepared by Joe Pavliga and Dr. Joe Johnson. This transmission, when mated with any of the three motors as detailed in the paper, provides a strong, lightweight, compact, robust, 3 speed shift on-the-fly power soution that can be incorporated into many areas of your robot. Search the forum for “DeWalt”]( and you will find several threads with additional discussion and many examples of how these have been used.

NOW, for the rest of us … I recently checked on the DeWalt “ServiceNET” website to see if I could get a jump on ordering the parts required to put together these workhorses for the upcoming season. I was not totally surprised to find that the transmission assy (P/N 397892-05) is again (or still?) listed as “Back Ordered – no release date at this time”.

FORTUNATELY - our team’s source for our DeWalt parts last year is still thriving and has the entire 12V drill (model #DC980KA - less battery) available for LESS THAN the cost of the individual required spare/replacement parts from DeWalt.

I am passing along contact and pricing information for those interested …

Gail Helton
email: arizonaheltons<AT>cox<DOT>net

Pricing - 12V XRP drill (model #DC980DA) available (NO battery):
Qty 1 - 5 : $60 each
6th, 7th, 8th, +++ : $50 each
Shipping charge of $16.96 for entire order (to Indianapolis - might be different for you).

Hope this is helpful … Good Luck All!

We had a problem acquiring the gearboxes as well, but we went through Robot Marketplace.
*click dewalt gearboxes at the bottom, sorry, they don’t like direct linking.

They are $24.99, and were delivered in about a week. Your source seems to be a better deal, but just figured I’d inform everone.

I ordered four DC980DA’s without batteries from this source and got delivery in a few days.

Thanks for the tip, Stu!