Dewalt Transmissions

I saw the Dewalt transmissions with the different motors in the kit while in Atlanta last season. Does anybody know what model # of Dewalt Drill the parts should come from and what parts from the drill are needed? :confused:

Joe Johnson should be posting a whitepaper as soon as he gts some free time. :slight_smile:

Check this thread ( for details. Joe is right-on regarding their service network and online parts ordrering/service. Exploded images showing part details, repair videos, and more! (

See Dewalt Products Here

Order Dewalt Service Parts Here

I recommend anything with the XPR transmissions (but the Hammer Drill versions are not value added so avoid them) Specifically:

DC980KA (12V version)
DC983KA (14.4V version)
DC987KA (18V version)

The parts you need are at the link for service parts above.

I have set up a sham account: login: “chiefdelphi” pswd: “team47”

Go to “saved orders” look under “FIRST ORDER” It totals a bit over $100 for the lot (including a motor).

Mike Martus is working hard on the whitepaper. I am pedalling as fast as I can.

We will get things up as soon as we can.

This is a link to a PDF file showing an exploded view of the DC980KA drill and the associated part numbers.

Joe J.

Thanks Dr. Joe,
Got the Parts List from the Dewalt web site.
I guess Part 608060-00 Detent Shifter is not needed as it was not included with your list of parts?

Joe P

The detent comes with the transmission. JJ


How much torque do you think one gearbox can handle? Enough to pair two motors together to one input shaft to the gearbox? i.e. the Chip and the drill motor?

My hunch says I’m probably pushing it…

That’s a good question. Last year our team used 1/motor/drive_wheel = 4, which meant shifting 4 at a time. Next year, we plan to pair them as you mention.

DeWalt uses the same tranny for the 12, 14, and 18v drills, with the 18 producing 450 in-lb of torque. Unlike the Bosch, which uses plastic for the ring gears, the DeWalts are all metal. So, my “guess” is that they can take it - we’ll find out.

Does anybody have any good pictures that they can post of these dewalt trannsmission/kit motor conversions. I would be interested in seeing what they look like after the conversion, especially the Dewalt Tranny/CIM motor conversion.

Not necessarily. No one confirmed (or even heard really) that we are actually getting these.