Di Zou-Support FIRST

If you live in Howard County, MD and you want to support FIRSTRobotics:

Vote for Di Zou for Board of ED!
Di is committed to providing the best learning environment for our children from K to 12.

Di Zou will be President one day.

You betcha I am! Cole here is in charge of campaigning strategy. Thanks!

One Quick Question,

Just how do you plan on getting around Article II of the Constitution that clearly states that you “must be a natural-born citizen of the United States” in order to run for the office of the president; When in fact a recently published article from the Howard County Times unmistakably proclaims that Di Zou “immigrated to the United States form china in 1991”

This is just a minor quarrel that I have with Coldabert’s political prophecy of Di Zou the President, although I fully support Di’s bid for the Board of Ed. If you could clear this up for me it would be greatly appreciated.


I am aviable for comment via IM at THESSE13 on this matter

While you are correct in pointing this out, and you make a valid point, I belive that Mr. Zou intends to amend the Constitution with his newfound power of board of ed member, if elected.
By the way, the article can be found here Click

Exercise your democratic right to vote!