Diagnostic LED codes/meaning

Rule R66 requires all robots to have a diagnostic LED on them. We have a diagnostic LED, but at this point have no idea what the different codes from it mean. We are wondering if anyone has an idea of what the different codes mean, since we would like to be able to use the LED to help with diagnosing problems, as that is its purpose.

Any help is appreciated very much. Thanks.

The diagnostic codes are interpretted by the IFI reps on the field. They help with insuring your robot is ready to play prior to match start. After that, they are assigned a color depending on what alliance you are playing on, Red or Blue.

As far as I am aware, IFI doesn’t release what the blink codes mean, but some really basic ones are easy to notice from observation. For example, if I remember correctly, solid means disabled, flashing really fast means that the robot is in autonomous mode, and flashing slowly means the robot is under teleoperated control. If you just take the time to look at the signal light when certain things happen, you can probably figure out more. I imagine that there is one for a code error, for instance.