Diagnostic light?

So my team is working on the final electronics board and wiring for this year’s robot, and we couldn’t figure out whether they changed the diagnostic light back to the style of two years ago (we got a light like this ion our kit) or if we just didn’t get one. There wasn’t anything about a change in the rule book, so I’m just making sure. Any help would be awesome.

They did change it back to the flasher of 2004-2006.

Thanks. Just Making sure. Where exactly do you plug it in to the RC?

Wiring and mounting information for the LED Flasher can be found in Team Update #5

into the team color port with the black cable in the pin that says blk

yep it is the clearish, whitish cover that flashes red and blue(at least ours is), 4 pwm cabled width, and it doesn’t matter which team port it is plugged in 1,2,3,or 4