Diagnostic Signal LED

<R16> ROBOTS must use the diagnostic signal LED provided in the Kit Of Parts. Field personnel will use the LED during the matches for diagnostic purposes. It must be mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the ROBOT in its’ STARTING CONFIGURATION. Instructions for connecting the LED are provided on the FIRST website at www.usfirst.org/frc/2007/manual The Robot Controller directly powers and controls the LED. The user has no control over the LED and no programming is required.

Does anyone know what this is or where the instruction for connecting this LED is located?

Look here:

FIRST Guidelines, Tips, and Good Practices

It has the information you need in section 8.1 Diagnostic LED, on page 37


hey im having the same problem with getting this darn thing to work can anyone explain the setup better than the pdf
my issue is with the power going to the strobe I have the red and black and white going to the correct places but i dont understand what wire goes to the N terminal

thanks !!

So I take it they dumped the team color LEDs this year? :confused:

I’m not sure. They aren’t required at least, but you can probably still use them if you want. IMO they are rather useless compared to the flags though.

anyone have any idea on how to hook this thing up ??

Download and read that manual, see page 37

Sorry if the following question has been answered but I did not find a complete answer anywhere…

Is there a team color LED in this year’s kit?

I am new to this and I could have sworn that I read that somewhere in this year’s documentation …

Please advise


Does the diagnostic led plug into the team color port?

Yes. As mentioned before, this is all covered in section 8.1 of the Good Practices document.

Does anybody know what the various blink codes mean?

Team 1138

How do you attach the LED flasher to the robot?

Any way is greatly accepted.:]

r u sure that we r useing that diagnostic signal led cuz the one we got in our kit was the team color led from two yrs ago and the manuel that everyone looking at is from 2007 robotic compeitition not 2008 the kit of parts www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/community/FRC/FRC_Documents_and_updates/2008_assets/manual/2008%20kop%checklist-revb.pdf it shows the color led that we got

This thread is from 2007 and all answers regarding hooking up the signal light refer to last years light which is not the same as the one provided this year.

Wiring and mounting information related to this years light can be found in Team Update #5.