Diamond State FVC Tournament Results

A great time was had at the Diamond State (Delaware for those of you who are not trivia buffs) FIRST Vex Challenge event on Saturday, January 27th. Thanks to all participating teams for making this the largest FVC regional event so far (44 teams).


Event Champions
1712, Dawgma (Ardmore, PA)
2055, Radnor Robotics (Radnor, PA)
2052, SMART LIONS (Singapore)

Event Finalists
3314, Sanford Robo-Warriors (Hockessin, DE)
3167, Team Scream (Newark, DE)
3688, Revolutionary Annihilators (Newark, DE)

Judged Awards
Think Award - 3179, Team Overdrive (Bridgewater, NJ)
Innovate Award - 3501, MidiMORTS (Flanders, NJ)
Amaze Award - 2046 (Singapore SMART) and 2052 (SMART Lions), tie
Connect Award - 3370, LeoTronics (Sparta, NJ)
Inspire Award - 1712, Dawgma (Ardmore, PA)

More information about the judged awards, rankings, photos, and video will be available on the event website soon (after sleep time & more FRC robot building).


If you weren’t at this event, get there next year. A first class job done by the MOE/First State Robotics folks to run not only a 44-team FVC event, but a 50+ FLL event and a 40+ JFLL event all under one roof in one day. That’s right, it was nearly 150 teams of students age 6-18 - how cool is that? Thanks John, Lou, Joe, Loretta, and the nearly 200 volunteers that made it happen.

I think I speak for the whole Dawgma VEX team wehn I say that we had a great time at the event. We would also like to thank our great alliance partners, Radnor Robotics 2055, and SMART Lions 2052. We hope to see you both in Atlanta. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who helped put on this great event.

I was one of the many volunteers at the event and it was great, each year the event grow bigger and better. There were a lot more people and teams this year then last and somehow Lou and the rest of the planning committee found a way to fit all 150 teams with pit space into the arena.

Good job by every one who competed and thank you to everyone who showed up. I hope to see you all again next year.

I was the First Aid provider and I only had to give out six band-aids so it was a safe and fun event.

Thanks again to Joe, Lou and John for running such an exceptional event. A big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who made everything run so smoothly.
Congrats to DAWGMA on winning the Inspire Award, you guys really deserve it. Thanks to DAWGMA for selecting Radnor Robotics 2055 to be your alliance partner along with 2052. For all of you not from the Philly area, this selction really embodies the spirit of FIRST. Radnor and Lower Merion are rival high schools but you would not know it from the friendly and respectful interaction of our teams. We hope to see you guys in Atlanta.

Did you include bandaging Kressly during Friday evening setup? :smiley:

Those who were there to the end got to see some really great competition in the elim’s. These FVC teams may be younger and their robots smaller than FRC’s but they more than make up for that in spirit and innovative ideas. Thanks to FIRST State Robotics for hosting this event, and thanks to all the teams and volunteers for making it great!

Congrats to everyone who got to enjoy participating!

Web site folks - Please try to make your pictures and/or videos available for download en masse, not one at a time.

The sites that have put up a zillion thumbnails that must be clicked on one at a time in order to see the full size photos are pretty frustrating when you are in the mood to scan through a lot of pictures quickly. A bulk download followed by a review of locally-stored copies of the info eliminates that frustration for many of us.


What was the winning alliance score?

We will try to have all scores up on the website shortly. I do not have the info to share right now.

Per the original comment on photos/video, thanks for the feedback. I will forward this to our webmaster. I cannot guarantee how these will be posted as we many of us are now catching up with our real day jobs and school projects.


Yeah john, I have to say that the event this year was really well organized and ran smoother this year… let’s keep Lou from using marshmallows away from the FLL kids next year! They are really hard to get out of the carpet.

Check out this wonderful time lapse video of the tournament, taken by Marco Ciavolino of the Technobricks. He took a picture every 7 seconds at the Delaware tournament and then compressed the entire day into 3.5 minutes.

You can see when everything stops for the opening ceremony and the crowd stands for the national anthem. Then the action picks up when the matches start. On the right, when JFLL finishes, you can see the tables quickly come down. The same when FLL finishes in the middle and the judges in blue line up for the awards. The FVC on the left starts the eliminations as the massive FLL crowd streams by. And then ditto for the FVC awards.

Way cool.

To access, go to the main page of http://www.techbrick.com
Click on the link on the right for ‘12’

That video is really cool, I would like to see that at more FIRST events.

You can really tell when we had breaks and when VEX and FLL events started and ended.

Does anyone know if the pictures and videos were posted on a page not linked from here? I cannot find any of these pictures or videos, and would love to see them :slight_smile: