Did a new record for Chairman’s just happen?

First of all, congratulations to 6314 on winning the Chairman’s Award at Arizona North today! Very well deserved.

Now, a question for you FIRST historians. Excluding 191, is 6314 the youngest team to ever win the Chairman’s Award? If not, where would they be ranked in that category?

4905 won their second year at the North Shore District in 2015.

Congrats to 6314! Easily my favorite 2nd year team. Glad to see your hard work paying off!


This team is awesome. Through working with them over this season, collaborating with the team, and talking with them about the work they do, they definitely deserved the award. Well done team!

1002 won back in 2004 (and even got an CCA honorable mention) their second year.

You can find some other discussion here if you want to do more research.

In the same Vein of records, what about how many years a team has won DCA/RCA? 1540’s streak has just ended after a 6 year run of RCA/DCCA(? acronyms are hard) wins.

I know 340 is up there, they had 5 straight wins at FLR and they won 2005-2012 FLR chairman’s except 2007.

1311 has won DCCA or RCA the past 6 years and will be in the running for the PCH DCCA this year after winning at Gainesville.

4967 won Chairman’s back in their second year back in 2015 off the top of my head.

503 Frog Force. FiM DCMP Chairman’s 2010-2016 (seven year streak).

Look at the URL of the website you’re on for an answer to this question. Chief Delphi (FRC47) won the [Championship] Chairman’s Award in 1997 as a second year team.