DID Anybody ACTUALLY use parts of past-year bots?

DID ANYBODY actually use any parts from past years bots? I didn’t see too many big things like whole drive systems from past years on other teams bots. But i do think little things like wiring or electronical stuff, but was anything big incorperated?

Our teams robot was stolen 10 days before the ship date, so we had to steal motors ect, but nothing that wasnt in the kit before, i know we stole some extrusion and such, but never did we intend to just transfer parts (and to my memory we never did) we hate to sacrifice old bots, but in out situation there wasnt much we could do, but i dont feel that anything we used violated any rules, it was all just the same as this years.


we only used one thing and it was because when small parts gave it to us it didnt work and because it didnt really give our robot an advantage…we used a pneumatic dual celenoid from last year…but thats about it…small parts gave us a bad one and we needed one quick so we just strapped last years on…(it was in the middle of a competition and small parts didnt have another one)

-Joe Troy Jr.

We use our old parts for our practice bot. Our main bot is always the new parts, unless something breaks. i.e. bosch transmission

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**Our teams robot was stolen /B]

Your robot was stolen?
How did this happen?**

We used pneumatics from team 401’s old robot to make a brake at 3am the day we shipped our robot out. good times, good times

huh? robot stolen? how can someone steal a robot

yeah, we used all of the PWM cables from last years bot, as well as motor mounts, couplers, i think a transmission, and a couple of spikes…poor Vulcan, he’s all delapitated :confused:

we still have this years and last years robots in perfect working condition… so we will never be able to say that we used parts from last years robot

its a long, bitter, horrible story. but i think our team did build our robot the fastest of anyone, just not by choice. oh well, life isnt fair, things happen, i think everyone is over it by now. so our second robot wasnt pretty, but we pulled it off.


I’m still wondering how somebody could “steal” a robot? Sound pretty horrible to me!!