Did anyone change Championships?

I remember First said they were going to let some teams switch Championships, but I don’t remember hearing about anyone doing it. Do you know any teams that decided to switch? If so, do you know the reasons why?

Good question. I think the process for waitlist offerings for north vs south, home versus not home, was about as complicated as the district points equation.

254, 359, and 3310 elected to compete in St. Louis instead of their home (Houston).

365 and 3314 did the reverse. (Are there any more?)

For the most part, teams switched because they wanted to play at a different championship. It’s somewhat arbitrary, but for most of these teams competing at their home champs every year would be a little bit more repetitive since you only see half of the possible teams each year.

Correct me if I am wrong but 148 and 254 changed from Houston to St. Louis. I do not know the reasoning behind this but they were allowed to do this because of 254’s HOF status and 148’s longevity (not sure about the technical name) status.

148 is original and sustaining.

4334 was in Houston

175 was the sole New Englander to move from STL to Houston.

148 changed to St. Louis because the Houston champs was the same weekend as VEX worlds, and they didn’t want to split up.

Houston is the home championship for Western Canada teams like 4334.

120 (Cleveland’s Team) was at Houston on the Newton field.

Interestingly, our field ended up with an alliance partner from each of our past three alliances. 3255 from Arizona west, 696 from LA and 120 from Champs last year.

Western Canada goes to the south. I should have looked that up before posting but that’s pretty hilarious.

I was told by a 254 member that because Houston was a first time venue they were worried that it would be poorly run and also that the barbecue in St. Louis is better.

254, 359, 120, 365 and 175 are Hall of Fame teams, the HOF teams were allowed to negotiate which championship location they attended as long as the original distribution remained the same (IE, 1:1 swap). This was noted in a blog post a while back. As far as I can tell, some of the HOF teams switched from St. Louis to Houston in order to allow 254 and 359 to change from Houston to St. Louis to avoid the conflict with Vex Worlds. While there may have been other reasons (eg BBQ), both 254 and 359 are extremely active in Vex and likely would have had a major logistical issue if they tried to attend both at the same time.

148 and 3310 are both IFI teams with large Vex programs (and 3310’s coach, Paul Copioli, is also the VP of Vex Robotics). Though 148 is an original and sustaining team, they were given no special arrangement* and both them and 3310 got to Houston via a waitlist spot swap.

Those are teams I know of that changed, though there may be others.

Team 702 and HoF team 597 switched to STL as well.
This website has a map of teams and which championships they’re attending.

5422 wanted to switch from St. Louis to Huston. Main reason was school vacation consideration (which was during Huston event). To do so, we had to decline St. Louis spot and get on Huston waiting list (with no guarantee of making it to Huston).

Naturally, we didn’t take that chance. However that cost us about 10 team members who chose not to travel during school…

148 knew early on that they were going to St. Louis instead, so I don’t think they did it through the waitlist.


I am glad they were allowed to switch and attend St. Louis. It is what was best for their programs.

Wow, thanks. I love hearing all the different reasons people switched (or wanted to). With Houston having so many troubles, and Detroit being a new venue, I wonder how many teams will want to switch next year. Michigan teams especially. I know many like the travel. And many are looking forward to it being so close (they’re are just so many teams here) I wonder how many will choose to switch.

Airfare from Boston to Detroit is 3-4 times cheaper than traveling to Huston. Or… if you are driving, Detroit is almost 500 miles closer (also from Boston)!

I doubt there will be many takers (from this area) based on chance that Detroit will have problems.

I may have contributed to this answer. As some other people were stating we have Vex teams and were not sure at the time if we had teams going to worlds.