did everyone like the Midwest Regional

i was just wondering if everyone that was at the regional liked it. Because we are from team 9 a local team.

Hey, I’m human player from 461…I always love Chicago–it is by far the best regional :slight_smile: You’ve got a good amount of the best bots in the country right there in one place like teams 16, 45, 111, 68, 71 and many others. I was really proud of Indiana teams totally represented this weekend. I’m very anxious for championships cuz I know it will totally rock. Good luck to all the teams who are going!!
A couple of us from 461 will hopefully be at Grand Rapids this weekend so if you see us, come and talk to us!!

We loved it!!! It was very profesionaly done, great music(unlike most other FIRST events) and the refs were great(they knew the rules inside and out). The competition was the best anywhere you go, teams like 111, 217, and 292 made for very exciting games.

After going to 3 other regionals this year and watching many more on the Internet, I have to say the Midwest regional was the best. The refs were great!!! Like Gope said, they knew the rules inside and out and they enforced them the way they were meant to be. All of the matches in the finals were action filled and teams played the game SMART.

I have to say thank you to team 658 and 648 for accepting our invitation to join our alliance. You guys know how to play!!

Chicago was very excellent. This is my first year of being in the program, but I’d have to say that it was very enjoyable. The judges were excellent (The hotel room I was in was right next to one of theirs!), the pits were organized, the volunteers were nice, the other teams were cooperative, and overall it was a great experience. I’m just kinda sad that we didn’t win anything, but oh well.

I thought that this regional was the toughest I have seen this year. I have been at St. Louis and Great Lakes. I think it was because of the availability of video from those previous regionals that made this tougher. I would expect that next weekend will be tougher still.
Of those teams inspected by some of the other team adults, how did you think that worked out. As one of the inspection assistants, I would like your feedback. We tried to be fair and give suggestions as we went along. Did it help?

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**I always love Chicago–it is by far the best regional :slight_smile: **

I cant agree with julie more!

Great competition, Great sportsmanship, Great setup. Great Regional!

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**Of those teams inspected by some of the other team adults, how did you think that worked out. As one of the inspection assistants, I would like your feedback. We tried to be fair and give suggestions as we went along. Did it help? **
Our team was inspected by the Wildstang judges! Everything went well and, I thought, it was very fair.

Overall, I thought Midwest was great! Very competitive, but everyone showed great sportsmanship and a lot of GP. Way to go, guys! :slight_smile:

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Midwest regional was great!!!

I would say that out of the regionals that I have seen, MR is the most fun and the most competitive out of all the regionals. i had so much fun this year and there is nothing like seeing old friends from 269,930,45,201, etc…

Well enough talking for me, I have class.

Great job at MR teams!!!

Excellent as always, who needs a working drive to have fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

i liked the teams, judges, and all the good stuff. The music was great…i just didnt like the pit area…way smaller then buckeye, and no place to practice automode. but other than that it was great! there were some really awesome people, and everyone was super helpful…:smiley:

Even though I did not compete, I visited on Saturday and was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. The St. Louis Regional did not hold a candle to MMR when it comes to team spirit - teams like 111, 461, 45, 648, 65, etc. always make this competition a lively one! I had a lot of fun, and it was great to see 461 win the Chairman’s. The competition itself was action packed and fun to watch. Thanks for all of those who made this regional happen!

We had an unprecidented amount of BAD, BAD LUCK with respect to the robot, but I personally had fun because of the atmosphere surrounding the regional.

There were American flags everywhere, the Refs were incredible, etc…

It was a fun weekend, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be helping out in the future (it was my last regional :frowning: )!

chicago was totally awesome!!! it was TONS of fun and to top it all off…i got to watch and cheer on my old team as they went on to win…AND we won chairman’s award!! it was a totally awesome weekend!!! :smiley:

This regional is always my favorite. Heh partially because we have done really well there in the last 4 years, but that isn’t all. The atmosphere is great, and it seemed like I knew almost everyone. The only thing I missed was having the Gym lights out and the special stage lighting above…that would have really added to the atmosphere of the event, but you can’t have it all. Oh well. Awesome regional, congratulations to all award winners and especially to our cross town rivals and buddies, 292 and our buddies from the west, 461 for your chairmans award victory!

It might be better if the ceiling wasn’t so low in the hallways :smiley:

As a rookie program team 1163 found the Midwest Regional to be a very friendly, competitive and interesting site. The team area was a tad crowded but that just made everyone aware of the need to keep their pit area footprint tidy. The judges seemed fair and the help from more experienced teams was very nice. All the teams treated us well and gave the students helpful suggestions for making their robot better. We congratulate the winning teams but most of all congratulate everyone who attended because the patriotism and sense of pride during the opening ceremony on day 2 was fantastic. Even though we won’t be attending the Finals I hope that something similar is done during the opening ceremony on at least one of the days.

Greg, I know what you mean. Every time I saw your team’s bot coming back from the field, you had to duck it under the door frame leading into the pits…

Ya I know how how team 45 feels. Another foot would have been great!!! But then isn’t that how the pit crew and drivers stay in shape? I don’t think there should be a height problem at Nationals…

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**It might be better if the ceiling wasn’t so low in the hallways :smiley: **
Maybe you should make a robot small enough so that it fits through a standard hallway on a cart that is as tall as yours is. :wink: :smiley:

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