Did NJ teams like stratgey boards?

Hi, our team was just trying to get some feedback on the magnetic strategy boards we handed out at the NJ regional. Did you use them? If so, how helpful were they. If you did not use them for strategy, how much fun were they to play with? Thanks

Definitely, definitely the coolest handout. Ever. Everyone I talked to loved them. Great job, guys!

super cool, except that i think that the red and the blue goals were reversed. the one other thing i might do would be to make the magnets a bit stronger, and maybe put magnets on top of the goals for the balls to stick on.

we’re definitely keeping ours, i think that we have some from years past too. they are one of the only handouts in first that actually prove useful.

They were great. We loved them. Our team used it all the time to explain strategies we would come up with. A team member almost had a panic attack because he was trying to explain a strategy and couldn’t find the board. “Where’s the strategy board? I gotta explain something.” It was pretty entertaining. They were the coolest things out there. :slight_smile:

The most usefull thing handed out at the regional hands down!!!

im pretty sure we used it and thanx u so much for handing them out they were a big help when plannin wat to do in the next match :]

Thanks alot guys! We used it some of the times for strategy work and we also just used it to fool around and have fun. Great idea!

This sounds like a very cool handout! Where can I get one for me team? Do you have any extras?

Second Question: How did you make them? Does anyone have a picture?

We might be able to ship one to you or send it down to nationals strapped to elgin clock’s back

I will be at the Championship. Can I pay your team (and pit) a visit?

Sadly, as of right now, Team 195 will not be attending the Nationals this year, unless a miricle happens and we get lots of money…

we did not sign up for nationals so we will not be able to attend, a well as the money issue.

I liked mine and it would of been great for strategy but while i had it placed under one of our tables while i was doing some scoring, when i went to get it later, it was yoinked… Ill see you in UTC and maybe i can get a replacment;)
Thanks Again

It was definitely one of the coolest handouts there. Actually, i didn’t realize that you gave them to everyone because I didn’t see one in our pit area, but when i was walking by another pit i saw it and freaked. I was going to talk to the team about it but they were deeply involved with working on there robot…believe you me though, i’ll find ours and will be playing with it at long island.