Did the WPI Update Break Anyone Else's Code?

Hi everyone,

It appears that the latest WPI update for Eclipse broke everything on my end. I started looking into why this might be happening. I reinstalled the plugin multiple times, updated my JDK, updated Java, and then rebooted the computer. Same problem. I created a new example project and the issue persisted. I started looking at the libraries that WPI installs and references and I opened wpilib.jar (found in %user%/wpilib/java/current/lib/wpilib.jar) and this is what I saw:

link to screenshot

There is clearly a lack of essential functions. I’m unsure what might be going on here, although I have a feeling there might have been an accidental deployment on WPI’s end. Is anyone else having this same problem? Is there anywhere I can go to access an archived version? I checked out TeamForge and couldn’t find anything. I also went to the URL that the Eclipse plugin looks at but I can’t find any older versions, just projects dated from 2015 and the project from today.


Yes - same here… Only updated one workstation though.

Today’s WPILIB update broke everything.

I’m really sorry about this, the WPILib Java libraries somehow never ended up in the final build. We’re working on it now and will re-release it shortly. The directories containing the update have been temporarily renamed to prevent others from getting the broken installer.

Should be ready soon.


Could you please try it now?


It looks okay on my personal laptop. We’ll check the one that was corrupted when we’re back in the team shop.



(will there be a category for ITIL next year?)

No, thank you.