Did You Build 2 Robots This Year?!

Since last years thread was a success… i thought ide do it again… and maybe ill make a graph to see how this changes each year… . hmm…

please vote if you built 2 robots this year (1 competition, 1 practice)

we did, building about 50% of practice bot, starting competition bot, then doing both simultaneously until practice was 90% and competition was shipped.

p.s. by practice bot, i mean able to drive and shoot balls, and i attached a picture of both our bots together, only time it happened (feb18th), note: compeition bot on the right was not final, we made a custom wheel, and totally different hopper.

We built two, but it was more of a ‘prototype bot’ than a practice bot.

We have always wanted to but we never have the time or funds. This year we were really short on funding and almost couldn’t go to nats so we decided to forget that idea…

We barely have the time and funds to build one robot!! Having a practice bot back home would be great for our drivers, though. :slight_smile:

A prototype and a production model, like last year.

We were doing well to get our ONE robot built, programmed, and working by ship day. I still don’t quite see how any team can build two decent or better robots, unless they have a lot more people than we do every night. I reckon we averaged 6 regulars for the build team every night, which is why we only have one robot…

But it’s a good’un! :slight_smile:

this has already been discussed. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44359

we usually have a difficult time just getting one robot done, but we have always wanted to make two just never have the time nor the money to do it though. this year we had a prot-type of our shooter and we also tend to use our last years robots to test our code when we don’t have our comp bot up and going.

We probably had enough discards of trial parts to assemble a second robot, except drivetrain … But no, building one complete robot taxes our abilities enough.

If you count the times we disassembled and reassembled some of our components (sometimes even without modification; we only had to take them off to get to something else) - well, there’s some parts of that robot that have been constructed at least 20 times. :smiley: Does that count?

We are building 2 robots this year. We built the practice bot first so we knew what we were doing on the competition bot. The practice bot was the one that was demoed on Parent’s night because the real one wasn’t done yet. We wound up canibalizing a few parts from the practice bot to finish the real one on time.

This was what is was like my first two years on the team. Last year and this year we actually got to drive around, rather then stay at the school till 5:00 A.M the last week until ship day. We don’t get the sponsorship that allows us to build two robots. If you do get a chance to build two robots, just remember that some teams barely build one robot and go to only one competition.

technically… we build 4 :S

but thats because we have 3 teams. we built a prototype first, then we started working on our teams competition robots. we will use that prototype for driver practice.

oh yea … i definately remember you guys … one of your bots is 1680 our toronto alliance partner right? . all 3 were great machines .

*this post differs from that other one cuz it has a poll :wink:

I wish… :frowning:

A great man once said, “Tis better to build one great robot, than an army of average robots”

the trend so far leads me to thinking it was a harder build year with fewer teams having the resources to build 2 robots. hmmm

This thread already exists Here

we build two robots it is not really difficult but you have to have enough people this year we had 1 engineer 1 teacher 1 mentor and 8 students consistently and we stayed until 9 everynight and pulled it off so yeah it is time consuming and cost consuming but we pulled it off :slight_smile:

Josh - failed to mention that you also need tools, equipment, and facilities to enable this to be accomplished. When you make a part, its the set up that often doubles the time. Sure, this does take more material, but if you plan ahead when ordering it will help you economically.
Also, Josh - what appears to “not be really difficult”, is a matter of perspective, my fine young friend.


i think that’s amazing that some teams have the time to manufacture more than one robot and use them to practice… how great a help that would be!