Did you ever wonder what it is like behind the plexiglass?

The cameraman put a mike on MOE’s arm operator during this match in Chesapeake Regional - check it out, I think it’s hilarious (UPUPUPUUPUPUPUPPPP!)

It looks like it was match 88 with 365/1124/3389 versus 3154/340/3748.

This is great. For people who haven’t been behind the plexiglass it always looks a lot calmer than it actually is :ahh:


This brings back memories. I’ve gotta get back there one of these days.

I liked it! makes me wonder what our drive team sounds like. I also like the “mic’d up” things ESPN/etc do so that’s probably why.

I remember losing hearing at Cass Tech in 2010. Our Drive Coach REALLY liked to make her commands known to us.

Our drivers (Manipulator and Chassis) need to talk more then, they’re so quiet it scares me.

Good to know I’m not the only loud and talkative driver.

I get told to calm down when operating, I thought I was bad… :smiley:

So true, it’s a whole different story from the other side…

Carol, this is great! Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Being down on the field and behind the glass has to be one of my favorite experiences in FIRST. It’s a lot of fun and it’s very intense. I love it! :slight_smile:

Bobby D., I love how enthusiastic of a coach you are! Awesome!

I guess I have to be a bit louder from now on. I always talk, but I never really yell!

Reminds me of the time in 2009 our drive coach was talking about the 2 drivers…

“It was like they were a serial bus, just flying back and forth”, or something to that effect…

Now the current operators, (me and 1 other) are very quiet. Our coach has complained we don’t talk enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he actually said “those two were communicating in binary or something. I have no idea what they were saying to each other”

Ah. I thought he mentioned something about a bus. Maybe I’m going crazy.

It’s not that you talk too much, it’s just that you get scared too easily. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify for those who don’t know our comp team:
Morton the Arm Operator is Miked
Jeremy the Base Driver significantly quieter throughout the match
Bobby D is the coach, you can hear him saying things like “They’re not throwing much”

When Morton releases a tube, he is yelling “Auto Auto” if you were wondering. This means he pressed the button for the auto release routine which takes control of the arm to move it down while ejecting the tube with the roller gripper and takes control of the driver to turn in place. This routine simplifies release while avoiding knocking other tubes off the rack (or getting caught). Since the routine takes control away from the driver joystick, the “Auto” queue tells Jeremy to move the joystick to a position to back away as soon as the routine finishes.

I don’t think it’s very loud behind the plexiglass but maybe that’s because when I get in the zone it is so hard to hear anything.

Title: I used to, but not anymore!

Yeah, I pretty much block everything out. I can’t hear a thing but what my coach and arm guy say.

Great video with the remote mic! Thanks for sharing!

I coached a match in Jersey last year. My words were something like this.

Teleop Start
“Jack, get rid of that ball.”
“Looks like only one team is going to be playing in the zone.” (we were in the defensive position zone)
“We’re at 60.”
“Oh look Jack, another one’s coming. I don’t think they’re too great at scoring. I’ll let you know if it’s a problem.”
“We’re at 30. We’ve got this one, just don’t get us a penalty.” (Making sure we played tough, legal defense used to be easier.)
Game Over
“Alright. I think we got that one. Good game guys.”

This, however, doesn’t account for the fact that I can feel my heart throbbing all over my body, and I stuttered a bit.

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Idk if anyone saw but last year we used an HD head camera to record matches from a cool perspective. You don’t realize a lot of quick glances and other nuances until you look back. It’s really like 1080p dejavu. If people want to see a match or two from Archimedes last year maybe I’ll bug some teammates to upload them.

But I got some awkward faces walking into the bathroom with it strapped to my head:yikes: