Did you make friends at a regional.. but dont know if you will ever see them again?

I know I met a few people who were so awesome! This was one of the best experiences for me… it was better than any cheerleading competition I have ever been in. I almost cried when our alliance lost its first of three matches. :frowning:

One of my favorite parts was the social at rochester… it was so much fun… and now I dont know what I am going to do when the seniors on our team leave! I love them to death.

I met some people from all over… delaware, canada… and they were all so awesome!

I want to thank everyone for being so cool and friendly… i really had a blast!

Of course, I made tons of new friends at VCU, and I might not see them again. But I have AIM for a reason. :wink:

In the end, you get more and more friends, that when you meet the old ones, you feel happy, not sad, about loosing them, it’s the only way to move on.

Of course you’ll see them again.
That’s what Chiefdelphi is for. :wink:

Here is a good idea if you go to another regional.

Always have a phone with you. Not only can you call friends at the regional to figure out a place to meet, which is especially useful at Nationals, you can also save sns to your phone’s “Task List” as text files really really quickly. I had to do that a lot last year, and it’s a lot more convenient than pen and paper.

Trust me, a year from now, someone’s gonna go up to you and tell you how awesome you are and how they’ve missed you :slight_smile:

It’s a good feeling.

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yea… thank goodness its here! i dont know what i would do… only thing is… im new to this, so i dont know everyone yet… but i am hoping i will find some people that i had met at regionals thru this… that would be awesome!

You and your teammates could volunteer at regionals as well and there are off season competitions.

It was a great time at all of the regionals I’ve been to. i have meet new people at each competition and it’s awesome to talk to them afterwords here on chief delphi and meet people that you just have talked to them here.

yea… id really like to do that this year… but i dont think my team is up for that… and i really liked the competeing part… also, we dont have a lot of funds…

Hey, your from the Sparx… did you see me in rochester? you are our sister team afterall as it is called. you guys have all been awesome!

I don’t know i was always in the pits but i believe so.

…And it sucks major when you forget to get their sn or #. But you know whats good? Make a lot of friends and one of those friends will have their sn or #. Making friends is always a good thing. I think my entire friends group is from robotics except the small one in school who get bugged majorly from robotics stories. Yeah sometimes you never see them again… but thats life… just keep in contact and hope to meet again.

Yeah I’ve made tons of friends, I’ve kept in touch with some of them… and some of them I’ll be sure to meet again later on.

That’s one of the awesome things about regionals…you meet so many AWESOME FIRST people, you have a lot of the same interests. Everyone can relate and everyone knows about FIRST. I’ve met some really awesome people at FIRST events, and it really does suck if you never see them again. If you have your cell phone on you, you can always jot down someone’s e-mail or phone number so you can stay in touch. BTW, it seems like the Finger Lakes Regional is an awesome Regional, hopefully Team 1006 can bring Fast Eddie out there next year!

I am basically hoping that some of my friends are on here and have the same problem… and then i will find them and get numbers/sns! lol

One thing that FIRST has given me … Friends who care.

Trust me, you never want to lose them, they are always up for helping you with anything. I can point out several stories and several names but that will make this a BIG post. So I won’t do that.

I am a senior on my team. Back in my freshman year I didn’t know anyone. At this point I know more than 300 people in FIRST. This year’s nationals is going to be a BLAST.

That’s where fundraising comes in. Don’t be so quick to give up yet.

Man, ChiefDelphi Forums always pump me up so much for the competitions! The one thing that’s good about the competitions is the team social because it gives you the opportunity to talk to others and meet new people without having the stress of competing.

i always like nationals too because thats the biggest even of the kind and gives you the most time to chat with people from CD.

Personally, I don’t have many FIRST friends.

I think I have some type of social anxiety, where I just freeze in unfamiliar public situations and have trouble communicating. One example was last year’s webhug, where I got there all excited about meeting people, but I got there and just froze. I didn’t really talk to anyone, except for Erin Rapacki (I’m sorry if this is misspelled) on the elevator back to the pits. I know people won’t hurt me or anything (after all, this is FIRST), but I just have trouble talking to new people.

Anyways, I’ll be at SoCal or championships if anyone wants to say Hi (I may or may not have trouble saying Hi back, it’s usually easier if someone else starts the conversation).

Anyway, thanks for listening/reading/possibly skimming.


Nationals are awesome too because all the FIRST “Big Wigs” are there (Woodie, Dean, Dave) and all of the “Famous Teams” are there too! The Team Social last year at nats was a lot of fun and I got to meet some cool people. I hope we qualify for nationals this year, because if we don’t I’m sure we’ll be missing one hell of a FIRST party!!