Did you submit for the new 3D printing award?

If you haven’t heard there is a new award for 3D printed parts at championships this year.
If you did submit for the award I think many of us would be interested in what you submitted.
Since the deadline has now passed feel free to post pictures / CAD files in this thread.

We took a different approach than the “directions” suggested - rather than focus on one very special part, we photographed and included samples of many parts that demonstrate our use of 3D printing. We used it to enhance many different systems, rather than radically change any one.

That being said, our application was thrown together rather fast, because we were quite busy preparing for the NC Regional - but I wanted to make sure we got an application in.

For the first time this year, we designed a Killough (omniwheel) style holonomic drive. We did not put encoders on each driven wheel, but instead built a “pedometer” from 2.75" Vex omniwheels and Vex encoders. We designed and 3D printed an orthogonal fork assembly (with pocketed bearings) to hold the two follower wheels and encoders plus two pivots to ensure both wheels always touch the ground. This pedometer is an integral part of our drive PID loops.