Did you take part in Team 237's G.U.N.N. Shows at Nats?

Hey all,

We finally got a website displaying all of our pics from the Team 237 G.U.N.N. Show(s). Take a look at it!! Maybe you’ll recognize your self or someone from your team!

The G.U.N.N. Show

Also don’t forget to check out our team’s webpage @ THIS ADDRESS



There are pics from numerous teams on the site including #175 (BUZZ) #38 (NONNEBOTS) some delphi team (I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE) #190 (WPI)

MORE PICS COMING SOON!!!:smiley: :smiley:

w00t!! Team 237’s Gunn Show made an appearence at BattleCry 3!! The mc even gave us a shout out!! Click for free tickets to the show below! (in my signature!)