Did Your Team Submit A 2007 Autodesk Inventor Award Entry?

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No we didn’t and I’m quite shocked because we usually do.
I think there was a mix up somewhere. When I signed up my teams AVA they made it so I had to sign in the Inventor stuff too (which I knew nothing about but the deadline was approaching and I had to get the AVA in and Autodesk insisted that I put down information for Inventor). Now I’m wondering if I messed something up for them.

141 did submit an entry

you can see all of the Autodesk Inventor Sumbissions here- http://firstbase.autodesk.com/?nd=m_first_competition_inv_viewer


Thanks David.
I think there are something like 91 entries and even though this is an improvement over past years - I’d like to see some of the reasons teams are not submitting. This is a wonderful award.

Last year, the only person on our team that new Inventor had to graduate, and as I was learning it in school, I decided to try it this year. I had a wonderful time. Hopefully next year, we can use Inventor not for just making the robot look pretty, but for prototyping and testing as well.

We did half of our stuff on Inventor and half of it on a whiteboard or sheet of paper. Thus, no submission

Precisely, exactly.

Although I sent something to the FIRST/Autodesk e-mail address that a member of 103 had posted on here, the website link for 177’s submission is still incorrect on that page. It should be http://bobcatrobotics.org/cadd. Does anyone know of someone I can contact who might be able to help me fix this? I am still disappointed that there was no way to immediately go back, but it would really be a huge let-down to our CADD team if their website isn’t even submitted with the award.

We didn’t submit an entry. Unfortunately, I do all of the CAD work on our team and am ineligible because I am not a student. Also, I vastly prefer Solidworks to Inventor and have done all of my design work with Solidworks for the last three or four years.

On our team initiatives for next season is forming relationships with professional machinists who can take on some of the burden of manufacturing parts. I hope this’ll allow me to spend more time with students focusing on mechanism design instead of manufacturing. I’m of the mind that the ability to model things in CAD without knowing exactly what the parts you’re modeling do or why they’re designed the way they are is pretty much useless, so I won’t train kids to reproduce parts that have been designed or manufactured by someone else.

We submitted our inventor this year. We had to design our robot in Inventor and document every part before we could buy parts. It really helped us find errors in design an issus we might com across during build etc.

we submitted this year, one of our team members is amazing in inventor! check it out!


We were going to do it, but I didn’t get enough practice in Inventor before the season to be useful, and the animation team needed the cad machine as much as possible.

665 didn’t. We honestly didn’t have enough people to do it. We have about 7 people on our team. Most people were working on mocking up real parts and just designing them on paper due to a lack of experience and time for Inventor. We don’t particularly have a lot of things machined, so when we did we would design it on Inventor, but other then that we just has to utilize all of our student resources towards actually building the robot.

-Greg P.

We couldn’t submit an entry because we do all the design work in ProE. Although Autodesk is a huge sponsor of FIRST, I think it should be a generic CAD award instead of an Inventor award. That would encourage much more diversity and increase the amount of participants for the award. Many teams who do not use Inventor become ineligible regardless of what the mentors of the team might use. It is no use to the students on 108 that they learn Inventor when all our mentors are trained in ProE. Oh well, ultimately, learning any CAD software is all that is important!

We didn’t submit because this was our first year really using Inventor. Last year we just admired the fancy softare that we got in the kit and didn’t have time to learn it. This year we had some students learn how to use it but we were not quite skilled enough to fully design the entire robot. On top of that we didn’t have a truly final design until the week before ship. We did use it for some stress-analysis testing though. Hopefully we’ll use it more next year!

We didn’t, mainly because I’m the head CAD guy (and the only one who actually knows what he’s doing…) and I was also drive train head. There simply wasn’t enough time to create a competitive entry and build a competition powerhouse drivetrain at the same time.

Nope. I did all the CAD, I’m mechanical lead as well so I had to contend with tons of robot problems throughout the rest of build…and I was just too tired at the end to submit an entry.

we did not submit as the designs were never finished to an “award” quality. Individual parts and geometry on the design are all correct but the final detail work was never done.

But since you asked here is a render.


This is the first year 237 has submitted