Diet Pepsi Commerical/Mars Rover

I just saw this commercial on TV and thought I would share a link to it for everyone. It’s a Diet Pepsi commercial that features a fake Mars rover. The title is “Night Watch” and I thought it was pretty humorous.

Classic stuff. Would’ve won the Superbowl derby if it ran.

That’s a great commercial. I like the alarm on the rover. Thanks for sharing it, I haven’t seen it on tv yet but I’m going to look out for it.

I just saw this! Cuter than heck. Although, I wonder Dave Lavery’s face if his rovers were up on cinderblocks?! :wink:

Great commerical! I liked it better than a lot of the Super Bowl ones.

Now THAT was funny…

I can’t help but wonder…how did Dave react when he saw that for the first time? :smiley:

HAHAHAH! One of the best I have seen in a long time!

… poor rover :frowning:

I love it! We keep sitting around in my office playing it over and over (and critiquing how they put the wrong consoles in the wrong locations in the control room, but we do that just because we are geeks and we need practice for our all-night sessions when we sit around and critique all the things they did wrong in that abomination of a movie called Armageddon).



I love it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that. In honor of it, I’ll put my Mars ‘rover’ avatar up.

When you get tired of Armageddon, go rent Mission to Mars for some laughs. It’s chock-full of incredible gaffs. My favorite is when one of the characters, who is looking at a computer generated segment of DNA with but a handful of base pairs, says: “Hmm, it looks human”. Then there’s the gaff where the astronauts walk into an outdoor greenhouse at the basecamp, take off their helmets and have a normal conversation. The problem is that the greenhouse looks like it’s made of canvas (it even flaps around in the wind) and clearly has gaps open to the outside. Then there’s the rotating DNA helix made of M&Ms that doesn’t fly apart…