Difference between gears in 2017 and hatch panels in 2019

anyone have any opinions on this?

Different materials, different shape, will probably end up on the floor often like gears did.


while they are similar in shape :red_circle: , they will be held in completely opposite ways, while many teams grasped the gear from flat side to flat side, or cradled the gears. many teams this year will probably be grabbing from the center of the panel or attatch to the velcro, so it is easier to score.

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The biggest difference is introduction to the game. With the gears they could be dropped “inside” of the robot via the ramp. This year they have to be picked up off the wall


Its similar in both had center targets at a set height, the main difference is thickness.

The differences are fairly clear.

The entry of these game pieces to the field is much more controlled than gears were.

This bit is more speculation as I haven’t had time with a game piece + scoring cargo bay/rocket…

I think the placement of these hatch panels is more forgiving than gears. Gears were prone to falling off pegs if aligned poorly. I don’t think…hatch panels will be that hard. We will see soon enough.

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In 2017 I strongly advocated for a floor pickup. I am weakly advocating against a floor pickup for hatch panels. Some (many) will drop, but neither cycle times nor access to parts of the field will be as badly hampered as they were by dropped gears.