Difference between short shifter and long shifter?

For this Vex 3 CIM ball shifter, what is the difference between the short and long shifter?

What can one do that the other cannot?

The “Short” shifter shaft is intended to have a single 1/2" wide 1/2" hex gear placed on it and retained with an E-Clip.

The “Long” shifter shaft is intended for use with sprockets or pulleys for a further reduction after the gearbox, as such it has a longer shaft.

When you order a 3-stage ballshifter it will have the “short” shifter shaft as it has a 3rd stage gear reduction before the much longer final output shaft.

Hope that clears it up,


If I don’t care about how much space it takes up, would the long shifter be able to do anything the short shifter could do?

Or would there need to be extra hardware involved to adapt it down to a short shifter?

(This is assuming I am not using a 3rd stage)

Yes, but you will have to retain the parts on the shaft using some method
(screw in the end with washer, clamping collar, etc)

Makes sense. Thanks!