Differences in Source?

I have been using the Mozilla browser almost exclusively these last few days, and I visited ChiefDelphi.com without any problems. The HTML rendering worked fine, everything was just dandy.

I noticed a very interesting difference today, though, when I went to reply to a thread. The text area of the message reply was smaller. Much smaller. I looked in the HTML source for an answer, and I found that the source code generated by vBulletin is different for Internet Explorer and Mozilla. I’m not sure if you have a behind-the-scenes browser sniffer, but it is working.

The differences between the two sources are minor, usually just an extra line of blankspace here and there. When we get to the text input area, however, the actual tag attributes are different. For IE, the message textarea has a 70 column width. Mozilla has a 40 column width.

Yeah, the code determines what browser you are using, and figures out how big to make the textarea… since the browsers don’t always render the sizes the same.