Different Bumper Heights for each side

We are building our bumpers this week, and we are wondering if each side of the bumper needs to be the same height. All bumpers will be 5" tall, and the top of the bumper will be <7" above the ground. We are wanting to lower one bumper side by .5" so our intake will go level; would this be legal assuming all other bumper rules are met?

That sounds fine. So long as everything is in the bumper zone (R18).


I would say be prepared to have a discussion with your inspector about it during inspection and have whatever you need field side(tape measure, etc) to show that you in compliance with the rules when you get asked about it.


R18, Bumpers do not have to be parallel to the floor

so they obviously also do not all have to be at the same height, eh?

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Q&A 234 addresses dissimilar heights on one side of the Robot. If you can do it on one side, you surely could do it on the opposite sides.


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R18. Except as allowed per G16, BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE, which is the volume contained between the floor and a virtual horizontal plane 7½ in. (~19 cm) above the floor in reference to the ROBOT standing normally on a flat floor. BUMPERS do not have to be parallel to the floor.

Rule quoted to point out it is floor to 7.5" above floor. There is no need to have a special chat.

Requirements are 5" ± 1/2" wide, correct construction, robustly mounted, in BUMPER ZONE. No requirements to be mounted at the same height or even be the same width. Could have one section at 4.5" and another at 5.5", and have some mounted on an angle.

I think that a tapered section that is 4.5 at one end and 5.5 at the other, or multiple widths in one section with obvious steps between them would invite closer inspection, but it does not violate the rules, and as Gary says, has been blessed by the answer to Q234.

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