Different color tag of Victor 884

Does anyone know the difference of a RED tag victor 884 / Blue tag victor 884?
OR they are the same?:]

For that matter, what about the green ones?

As far as I was aware, it was just a model year thing… Am I mistaken?(probably haha)

I believe the explanation is IFI started with red tags that went along with the 883 labels. Then realized a change would be better and went to the blue. Physically/electrically there is no difference. If the tag is red, it is from the first run of 884s.

Wasn’t there a minor hardware change loosely correlated with the change from red to blue tags? Something about the electrolytic capacitor in the centre, maybe?

Regardless of label colour, the 12 V Victor 884 is legal (avoid the versions with a 24 V fan—the rules don’t actually prohibit them, but you’ll have a hard time making the fans work).

Red and blue matters when dealing with Spikes—they work differently—but the Spike Red hasn’t been seen in years.


Talking with our engineers here confirms that all Victor 884s are the same, regardless of the label color.

The first red editions helped differentiate from the 883s that were still being used in the first year of the 884s. Blue labels were put on once Victor 883s were phased out. The new re-branding of Victors into the VEXpro line resulted in the new green label you see this year.

Hope this helps clear it up.