Different features and appearances for different browsers?

I’m a long time Firefox use and recent Chrome convert. I’ve noticed that Chrome displays CD a lot differently than Firefox; you can view threads in a threaded mode, there is a Mark Forums Read and Open Buddy List option in the top bar, and the rich text post editor changed. In exchange for these features, the drop down search and member search features went away, as did the entirety of Quick Links (the only practical way to view your own profile). Am I viewing an older or newer version of the CD interface on each browser? Is there a way for me to pick, other than changing Chrome’s user agent settings? Thanks!

Wow!!! I didn’t realize this was due to using Chrome. I had recently “converted” to Chrome, and thought that CD had changed the site since then. Looking in FF now, I see that it is indeed an “issue” based on browser.

I prefer the FF version, but don’t want to mess with changing my user agent.

I’m going out on a limb and assuming it’s either due to CD using an older version of vBulletin, or Chrome doesn’t support a modification or something that’s being used.

Wow I never noticed that either. I looked up and wondered where those came from! Hands down, I love Chrome over Firefox. I spent an entire day once and installed/tested 9 different web browsers. Chrome won with speed and simplicity.

So on Firefox, if I enable Javascript, Mark Forums Read and Open Buddy List appear under quick links as a dropdown menu. If I disable Javascript, clicking that same quick links option reloads the page, changing the top bar to have Mark Forums Read and Open Buddy List (so, basically, it looks like Chrome).
As for the threaded view, that’s normally in Display Modes under Firefox (same behavior - if Javascript is enabled, click it once and it appears as a dropdown menu; if JS is disabled, the page reloads with it displayed at the bottom of the page like it is by default in Chrome).

As for the rich-text editor, it looks like even if you have the “Enhanced” WYSIWYG editor, you’ll only get the “Standard” editor. (Of course, I personally just recommend using the “Basic” text box or maybe the “Standard” one. Never the “Enhanced” editor; WYSIWYG editors are the bane of society!!!)

My guess is that this version of vBulletin is quite old (the 3.6 branch was back in the 2006 days), they check the user agent string and don’t know what WebKit and/or Chrome are (weird, because WebKit’s been here for a while), so the software essentialy goes “Whoa! I don’t know what this browser is! I’ll assume it’s stupid and doesn’t know how to handle all this Javascript!” and gives a dumbed-down version of the page. I don’t really think there’d be a fix for this other than to change the user agent string.
Or to complain to a programmer =P

I could just be spouting nonsense here. I mean, inline quick-edit still works as expected in Chrome. Hmm…