Different Kinds of Motors

I don’t know much about the different motors; could someone please the differences between the different types (servo, fischer price, window, etc). Thanks!


In a nutshell:
CIM Motors (4 allowed): the highest powered motor in the kit. Great for drivetrains & high powered mechanisms (high torque shoulder joints, elevators, etc). This motor has become somewhat of an “industry standard” within FIRST, to the point where other motors are adapted to “mount just like a CIM.” The motors handle load very well. I’ve only burned out ONE since they were introduced in 2002, and we beat the HECK out of them. They are sealed motors, so they don’t smoke as easily as some other motors…

Banebot Motors (4-types, up to 4 allowed): these come in a range of power outputs. Some would be better suited for light-duty mechanisms (rollers, wrist joints, etc) I recommend the 775 motors which are also great for high powered applications (see above). Banebots sells a variety of gearboxes which make using these motors as simple as your pocketbook can allow.

Window Motors (2 rights, 2 lefts allowed): Great “mechanism” motor. This motor has a built in worm gearbox which results in a low speed, high torque output. They can be tricky to utilize because of their “weird” output gear, but work great in a variety of applications. The worm gear makes them difficult to backdrive, so they work well for “set it and forget it” mechanisms. They handle stall pretty well, but not for extended periods of time…

FP Motors (1 allowed): this motor is new this year. Another “high power” motor. This motor is internally fan cooled, so don’t use it in a “stall” application. Make sure it is always moving, so it is always cooling itself… It comes with a plastic gearbox which (after some mods) can work great.

Servos: I almost forgot these. Basically only useful as triggers & releases for spring-loaded mechanisms, or to actuate locking pins. Don’t try to rely on these for a major mechanism!

The JVN overall recommendation for motor allocation:
Put all (4) CIMs into the drive. You’ll need the power for the long field runs. If you want to go with (ridiculous overkill) more power, use (2) more 775’s in the drive. Use 775’s and FPs for high power apps like shoulders & elevators. Window motors for low power mechanisms (wrists, rollers, and extensions). Throw in some 550’s for no-stall applications you don’t want to use the 775’s for. If you use them on a roller, buy spares and make them easy to swap out. Add pneumatics for extra flavor…

For more detail on motor gearing, try this:

Also learn more about gearing/drivetrains/loads here:

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