Different sprockets on front and back wheels

Our team is using a 4WD system, so I was wondering if it is possible to have sprockets with different number teeth on the front two wheels and on the back two wheels
I was trying to visualize this in my head, and I was thinking that having sprockets with more teeth on the front two wheels would give the back two wheels more power, and better turning ability? any thought?


If your planning on having those wheels spin at the same speed then no.

The wheels will spin at different speeds – so whichever of the two is trying to spin faster will instead slip and you’ll end up with less tractive force than you would if they had the same sprockets.

hmmm yeah they would spin at different speeds
would there be any way to program them to go at the same speeds?

Maybe if each wheel was powered independently. But this is not your case, so no. Whatever speed adjustments to the motor will affect both the front and back wheels by the same amount.

Everyone is assuming your wheels are the same diameter in the front and back.
Is this true?

yeah they are the same diameter

If you have 4 motors controlling each of those 4 wheels, then it would be possible, but other factors would have to be addressed to keep your wheels moving at the same speed.

I’m afraid I don’t recall who posted it, but there was a thread in which a “NASCAR” chassis set up was discussed (maybe M Krass recalls it). I believe it was based on a 6 wheel chassis, with the front pair of wheels slightly larger than the center pair of wheels which were in turn slightly larger than the rear set. I believe the concept was that since two of the three pairs would tend to be slipping, that they would tend to be able to move sideways somewhat easier (think of a rear drive car. when the drive wheels are spinning, the rear of the car is very easy to push sideways). It may be that a 4-wheel drive system with the front and rear running on different sprocket sizes would be somewhat easier to turn . I would agree that it would essentially be only a little better than a 2-wheel drive system in terms of pushing power.

I’m not too nerdy or anything. Honest.

Dang, Madison, you beat me to it.

I’ve been wondering if some team would implement Dr. Joe’s suggestion. Maybe this is the year.