Different traction wheel designs

We’re looking for new/different traction wheel designs this year for our 6 wheel drive design. We are planning to use the omnis at the corner/traction wheels in the middle, but we’re wondering if there’s an alternative to AndyMark’s parts or the VeX IFI wheels. Any suggestions?

We had the same plan in mind to create a more maneuverable drive platform. Does anyone have pros/cons to this (6) wheel configuration?

You’ll most likely find that the omnis at the four corners will make you VERY easy to push around. A 6 wheel drive system, with a (slightly) lowered center wheel, with 6 traction wheels should give you plenty of maneuverability due to the slight rocking action you’ll get(all 4 outer wheels won’t be dragging at once). It is a proven design concept that’s been used by countless teams over the years.

Food for thought.

Alternatives? Anything that is round.

If you can machine a hub to fit a wheel to your needs, use your imagination and find a wheel that best suites your needs.